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will up date soon- new member


just got signed up-will update very soon. wanted to get into the katrina relief compition, and was happy to see an extention on the DJ GREEN LANTERN MIX CD.


AGONEE has released one album with fellow MC J QUEST. Together they form DA UN. Their first cd was under the BIGALATINA RECORDS umbrella. The name of that cd was called "DA UN: Urban Negligence" AGONEE has also put out his own mixtape called "PASSIONS OF THE MIC. VOL. 1" and is going to release "PASSIONS OF THE MIC. VOL. 2" in mid-late Nov. AGONEE has also been featured as an up and coming artist on cable tv's MUSIC CHOICE uncensored rap station, with his song "whistlin". As well as MUSIC CHOICE, AGONEE has popped up on up coming DJ's mixtapes in Ohio(cleveland/cincinatti area's),Seattle,as well as New Jersey.