A Great Big Pile of Leaves

A Great Big Pile of Leaves


Combining original undertones with familiar overtones, A Great Big Pile of Leaves proves to be the breath of fresh air you've been asking for.


Mixing Indie, Jazz, Rock, and Pop with crafty guitar work, pounding drums, and catchy hooks, A Great Big Pile of Leaves have found themselves reaching fans with varying musical appetites. Using their lengthy backgrounds in music, they create a lush atmosphere with both serene and energetic dynamics to mold their sound.

After a year of touring in their previous band, Pete Weiland (24) and Tyler Soucy (22), formed A Great Big Pile of Leaves in the fall of 2007. The Brooklyn-based duo used the time off to begin writing and recording demos of their own.

The first six songs recorded accrued to create the first EP, titled "The Fiery Works". This album, released on November 17th of 2007, was entirely self-recorded and produced by Weiland and Soucy in a bedroom, and was given to all as a free online download. The EP quickly gained a substantial accumulation of online buzz thanks to coverage on websites such as AbsolutePunk.net. Within the first months of release, The Fiery Works had received over 3,000 downloads.

The band recently made a second EP available, aptly titled "The Fiery Works II", which was also entirely self-recorded and produced. This second EP was released as a free online download as well and garnered even more attention than the first. With great reviews given by AbsolutePunk.net and TheDailyChorus.com, both EPs have each been downloaded over 4,000 times to date.

With a quirky feel and talented song writing, A Great Big Pile of Leaves have crafted an undeniable sound that will have you singing along until the final note.

The band is currently recruiting live members and plans to be very active in the NYC scene this fall.


Mystery of the Brain

Written By: Pete Weiland

snap out of it,
make a dash for it,
it's all in your head.
it's all in your head.

tip-toe up close enough to taste the weather...
we meant to get our feet wet,
but instead in we dove in our clothes and soaked from head to toe.

a blueish green,
silver glistening,
paint splattered past where the shadows casted...
we're drifting.
we're drifting.

The Size of Dinosaurs

Written By: Pete Weiland

he sunlight is only a moment away,
but i'm not ready for the night to end,
i've been trying so hard to stay awake,
to stay awake all night.

seeing stars,
from the front seat of your car.
feeling dizzier than before,
maybe a few hours more,
maybe a few hours more.

just getting started,
even though i can't stand up straight.
balancing on a broken leg,
and stumbling around with my friends.

down pour,
down pour,
down pour.
don't move a muscle.
down pour,
down pour.

Drought of Snow

Written By: Pete Weiland

missing the winters,
where did they go?
when a dusting was more like a thousand feet of snow.
the season's been weakening for far too long.
i'm ready for sledding again,
it has been far too long.

i'm missing those who felt like home over the years,
and in growing old,
i'm growing tired of growing old,
in a drought of snow.

missing the snowflake on the tip of the tongue,
that tasted of all that i have ever known to love.
stay outside all day!
never go inside.
stay outside all day long!
never get tired.

fall down snow,
you're far too slow.
if it's going to be cold,
why not snow?


EP - The Fiery Works - Released November 17th 2007
EP - The Fiery Works II - Released April 22nd 2008

*You can download both EP's for free at www.agreatbigpileofleaves.com