Newington, Connecticut, USA

A progressive industrial metal band from Connecticut best described as a mix of Megadeth, Dream Theater, and Rammstein. It's metal for the slightly insane.


Agrippa93 (Uh’-GRIP-pah Ninety-Three) was founded as a solo project by lead singer, composer and producer “Agrippa” in Connecticut in 2004. A long-time musician with a special interest in digital production, Agrippa began releasing original music exclusively through the Internet, with viral marketing picking up followers for singles and videos, with songs like “Beneath the Veil of Lies”, “Open Wound” and “Scorched Earth” sparking interest through YouTube™ in recent years.

With growing demand for live performances, Agrippa sought out other like-minded musicians, refined their sound and expanded their song list. By 2008 Agrippa93 had recorded collaborations including “City of Pyramids”. New members joined the ranks contributing to the Agrippa93 sound creating a musical alchemy of several genre influences including metal, industrial, progressive, and more.

Agrippa93’s 2009 debut album release, “Beneath the Cypress Tree ©” has garnered positive attention and reviews on iTunes™, Amazon™, and is the band’s first dual release (both packaged CD and digital). The 11 song CD on Sickle Pation Records® includes the band’s trademark blend of the Gothic and Industrial, with classical riffs and soaring synthesizer work, led by Agrippa’s unique voice delivering dark lyrics and thoughts on occult and the actions of mankind. Turning a piercing eye on today’s world, Agrippa93 exposes corruption within governments and religions, damages done to the earth and human spirit, and the power of the supernatural.

- Featured on Hartford, CT's radio WCCC's Homegrown Showcase.
- 2009 release of 1st studio album, Beneath the Cypress Tree.
- Opening act for Fear Factory/Prong at the Webster Theatre.
- Opening act for Combichrist at the Webster Theatre.
- Featured band at the Slaves to the Metal Music Festival at the Webster Underground.
- Appearance on The Metal Cyndicate TV Show.
- Featured article in Newington Life newspaper.
- Featured band on internet radio show The Electric Circus.


Strict-9 (2004-2008) - A collection of songs exclusively released on the internet.
Beneath the Cypress Tree (2009) - Debut album release.

Agrippa93 is currently in studio writing and recording for their followup album due in early 2011.

Set List

Forever Wasting Time
Veil of Lies
Among the Ruins
City of Pyramids
Edge of Sanity
Pale Horse
Longing for Silence
Severed Ties