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EP... 2005 Tracks played on WPVM as WLOS.


Feeling a bit camera shy


AgroLola is a product of Asheville, NC. However, contrary to local standard, we are not vegetarians. Bruce Ham, creative organizer/founder of AgroLola, began playing piano at the age of six. He developed a malicious/melodic sound that gives great depth while retaining the properties of the raw grunge. Music dominated his life as he searched for a group of musicians to match his animated style. In the summer of 2002 Bruce began forming a band that would eventually become AgroLola.
Drummer/co-worker Josiah DuBose was the first to join the project. He was raised in a highly musical family. His father was a guitarist and his mother a pianist. Josiah began playing drums at age eleven. He played with numerous bands but never found a solid project. The chemistry between Josiah and Bruce was instantaneously productive. Josiah’s technique reflects influence from Jazz to Math Rock and everything in between.
After two years of searching, writing songs, and changing line-ups the third piece of the puzzle was found. Matt DeRamus, long time friend of Bruce and DJ/music producer shifted his focus to bass and connected with the project. His background in electronic music creation gave him a mathematic style that ignited the rhythm section and complemented the project’s sound perfectly. The band began to create a personality all its own. There was only one thing missing.
Actor, performance artist, and friend James Carson fell into the roll of front man after returning from a tour through Europe. James has a long background in theatre and performance art. For eighteen years he directed, produced, and acted in plays, skit shows, etc. His vocals reflect the energy of stage performance which has filled most of his life.
With limited space the band used a living room for its studio. As may be expected they soon grew out of the small space and sub-par recording quality. In the beginning of 2005 the band founded DukTaped Studios. While recording demos and EPs for other local acts, AgroLola began work on their first full length LP last fall. The record will contain thirteen songs and is set to be released in the late spring of 2006.