Bogotá, Bogota D.C., COL

Aguasala is a Colombian Caribbean music explosion is feeling and sensuality


Aguasalá is a group of women interested in the Atlantic coast, especially towards the genre known as anticipated dancing folklore, bogotanas . The Group meets to participate in cultural activities, what does arise in them the interest to continue contributing to the formation of the group with the process of emancipation had women in music, making clear their life project and the quality of their training, taking into account the interpretation of the musical instruments of these aspects by tradition has been exclusive men.

Aguasalá aims to investigate and explore the musical tradition of our coastlines, thus helping to disseminate it in a sensible, responsible and professional manner, and to raise awareness among the public that these manifestations remain alive in their own places of origin and that we should support them that are not added into oblivion, neither they nor their promoters.

Introducing codes representing various gaits which include Sung dance as they are family of the bullerengue sitting bullerengue, the chalupa, fandango language; in the family of tambora, tambora tambora, cheerful tambora, the berroche, the guacherna and chandé; and in the tradition of the bagpipe, the Puja, Porros bagpipe, merengue, bagpipes and cumbia.

Set List

1. Father grandfather. Chalupa. Author: Traditional
2. Samba roka. Guacherna. Author: Traditional
3. The Seagull . Bagpipe. Author: Juan Lara
4. Spark Candela. Chalupa. Author: Eulalia González
5. Lament. Sitting Bullerengue. Author: Giovanna Mogollon
6. Alegre field. Porro Gaita. (DRA)
7. Faroto. Meringue. (DRA)
8. To ask my God. Bullerengue album. Author: Traditional
9. Jorobillo (Compae Miguel). Berroche. Author: Gumercindo Palencia
10. Dame Juancho hand. Puya. Author: Toño Fernández.
11. Thong the gull. Tambora. Author: Traditional.
12. Macaque, del Toro Mata. Chalupa. Author: Traditional
13. Sad eyes. Sitting Bullerengue. Author: Victoria Laverde
14. With the tide. Chalupa. Author: Alexandra Diaz