Agua Trip

Agua Trip


We are two musicians (Bill & Lindsey) who perform as Agua Trip with up to 4 other people, depending on the show. Our music crosses many genres: Rock, Reggae, Folk, Alternative, World, Pop, and more. We are our own genre really: aguatrip music. We are mellow and poetic, and we love to go crazy!


Agua Trip began in the Autumn of 2000, when Bill and Lindsey met at a Party for French majors from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. After a few months of jamming together, Bill and Lindsey recorded 17 songs, thus creating their first collection of recorded demos entitled Baseado. This tongue-in-cheek, impromptu production - recorded in 5 weekends - was the eye-opening experience that led to the formation of the band Agua Trip.

By the end of 2001, the band was up and running. Bill and Lindsey chose the name "Agua Trip" because it captured the spirit of their genre-defying music: a voyage of constant change, music that changes and moves like water - with hints of multiculturalism (thus the bilingual title).

They began playing parties and cafes in the greater Nashville area. By the summer of 2002, they decided to move to New York, where they joined forces with New York musicians and played an extensive list of venues. It wasn't long before they acquired a diverse following.

In addition to traditional music venues, Agua Trip's appearances include annual benefits such as "STOMP - Equity against AIDS" in 2003 and 2004, and modern dance fundraisers for Joyce SOHO and Isabel Gotskowsky and Friends in 2005, 2006, and 2007. More recently, Agua Trip has teamed up with CONNECT a local NYC-based non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and elimination of family and gender violence. They have also performed at Barnard College / Columbia University on multiple occasions and a variety of social events. Agua Trip has also been a mainstay at PANGEA Restaurant where they performed regularly since 2005.

From the very beginning, Agua Trip has welcomed a wide array of genres into their repertoire, from Beatle-ish pop and Marley-esque reggae to Mexican corridos and Quebecois folksongs. They have created their own genre: an alternative, world-influenced pot–pourri that cannot be compared to one single artist, but rather to a combination of artists.

Agua Trip is more than a band - it is a creative project that invites collaboration. Bill and Lindsey, as the stable core of the group, are always inviting other artists to perform with them live or on record. They have enjoyed making music with a long list of artists including James Guastaferro, Jacob Gossett, Dan Weiner, Mark Katsaounis, Morgan Henderson, Russell de Moose, Andrew Cooper, Aaron Coleman, Roberto Carrasco, Chris Johnson, Ginger Burden Boise, Kyla Barkin, Tanya Barach, Roxane Carrasco, and many more.

Perhaps owing to its rhythmic-yet-fluid quality, their music has been well received in the modern dance community and has been used for dance instruction and choreography. As musical artists, they are always in search of new collaborations with other artists and media (film, dance, theater, comedy, visual arts, and whatever new media arise).

Bill and Lindsey are also co-creators of The Moveable Feast, "a pARTy on the move" which showcases a select mixture of artists including dancers, painters, sculptors, comedians, musicians, poets, writers, and more. The Moveable Feast has met with very enthusiastic praise from both the participating artists and the guests, who comment on its warm, inclusive and inviting vibe as well as its wide range of artistic genre and talent.


Genetics - LP (2008)
Breakfast translations - LP (2005)

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Set List

We perform all the songs in our repertoire, usually 10 per set.

We perform very few Covers: favorite reggae, Beatles, folk, and other Rock and World classics