ah5ive the band

ah5ive the band


ah5ive the band is a chinese alternative rock band in sinagpore which give you the singapore chinese flavours of rock and roll
Our music are guarantee to be fast moving beats to keep the audience in the high and some love hits to melt the hearts of the listener.


A 4 yrs old band, perform their works in Singapore and all around the world. Participated in the Singapore HuaYi Festival, Malaysia Music Reunion 2010 Hong Kong Music Matters 2010

The band also involved in a Chinese Band Compilation Project Return To Base as they record 2 sounds which were listed in the compilation. After the release of the compilation, they went on promotion tour to promote the album. Events like Rock Onand Mooncake Rock Festival in Malaysia, Spring Scream 2012, SoundLive Houses in Taiwan and also the guest band for a high pro?le band DayDream during their promotion tour

We will be releasing our debut album on the on april 2013.

ah5ive is an alternative rock band, who write about regrets in all expects of life. Which the audience can feel the irony, in life and regrets thru their works. To rethink about their life and to be brave for the better future, hope the songs can heal their soul.


- single “Awaken”

- singles “Shui neng dao zui hou yi ke” (Who is the last one standing)
- “Live for the moment vol. 1.”Compilation

- EP "Qi dai“ (Awaiting)

- Album "Rang wo men gan shou na chi re de guang mang“ (Let us embrace the warm ray of lights)