Ahavat Haaretz

Ahavat Haaretz


Ahavat Haaretz (in Hebrew - "love of the land") For Ahavat Haaretz, Love of all Land - all people - love of the Earth. Singer/songwriter Roi Levi and his wife Osnat perform original music that tells a story - indeed, many stories. Ahavat Haaretz will take you on a wonderful journey....


Ahavat Haaretz is the creation of Roi and Osnat Levy. As a founding member of the Israeli supergroup Shotei HaNevuah (The Fools of Prophecy), Roi’s songwriting skills are most evident in this exciting new ensemble.
Roi won the prestigious "Composer of the Year Award" in 2004 from ACUM, the Israeli version of ASCAP. His compositions for Shotei HaNevuah helped both of the band's albums reach "platinum".

Osnat has been studying music her whole life and her abilities as a vocalist and instrumentalist are most evident.


Yedidi - Reason To Believe

Written By: Roy Levi

What is happening my friend?
Can you really understand,
That the faith that's in your heart Ignites the magic in my hand ?

In the middle of the night
Shines the median so bright
It will lead us to fate because the time is always right

What we get is what we give
And there's reason to believe
That the world will stay alive because we all just want to live

Many days are yet to come and rolling chariots will go
And the median will give us the direction of the flow
And the details of the plan will be reviled for us to know
That the tree of life grows endlessly forever it will grow


Ahavat Haaretz just released their first CD entitled simply, "Ahavat Haaretz" on Hed Artzi Records.