Ahead Band

Ahead Band


Jamming all genres! If you got the juke, feel the jive. Ahead Band not only offers you funk, jazz, reggae, jam, and hip-hop, but it's all orignal music. We got something for everybody. Never limiting ourselves, we strive to stay as creative as possible. Song Catalogue - 89 +


AheadBand started playing regionally this year out of Tuscaloosa Alabama. Don’t be fooled though. these seasoned veterans have been playing for years and in all the good bands. AheadBand formed during the many meetings that occurred while playing during jam sessions in town. All members quickly found that jamming with each other had a certain chemistry. From there the band went on to write all original music that includes influences from funk, jazz, blues, rock, reggae, and jam. Ahead Band is also known to play cover treats as well. We'll hopefully we have at least caught your eye, so please consider us to play your venue. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for your time


Crazy Ivan

Written By: Eric Lefford

Sittin out my front door what do I see
A storm came that brewed from the sea
The wind was blowing blew debris all around
and the leaves from the trees they all fell to the ground

Crazy, Crazy Ivan Blew down my door
And I don't beleive I'll be messin
with crazy Ivan no more

We all got a beverage, we thought it was fun
and just as we thought that the storm here was done
the door blew open, rain came pouring down inside
I didn't waste no time, I found my place to hide


Crazy Ivan - MySpace EP

Set List

--Performed Original Music--
Crazy Ivan
Come Back to you
Damn Right
Hands in the Air
Hey Everybody
I Know
Even If I get Hurt
Sabertooth Tiger
I saw new light today
Please don't follow me
Primal Barbarian
Sing in toungue
Serious side of potty humor
Smooth Moves
Smoke is on Horizon
Who can we trust
Writer's block
Would you like to join me
Fingers to the Bone
Dreamless Sleep
She bites too hard
Skipity Ba
too many to list!

--Cover Songs--
Porch song - Widespread Panic
Life during wartime - Talking Head
Fire - Jimi Hendrix
Long train runnin' - Doobie Brothers
Good Time Charlie - James Cotton