A Higher Neutral

A Higher Neutral


Forged from the fires of Valhalla three souls are joined together in a mission to become cooler than Gene Simmons. A Higher Neutral is a band revolving around heavy drums, quick guitar, nimble bass lines and a balladier's lyrics to bring out it's sound.


In the fall of 2004, Mitch Zodila and Mike Lamb got together with a guitar and a set of drums with dreams to make it big. Mike had started on drums and his natural talent showed immediate results. Mitch started on guitar... and... well... not so much natural talent. The two of them decided to make a band with only a guitarist and a drummer... “Hey, The White Stripes did it!”... Shortly after their decision, they realized that The White Stripes suck and they wanted to be anything but them. Dave Hendriks was later thrown into the mix in 2005 and had been playing guitar for two years prior to the band forming, and he basically shut Mitch down every time he played. The three jammed for a few months and eventually named themselves This Week’s Trend. All they needed now was a bassist... After placing “Bass Player Wanted” ads in music stores and many other failed attempts to keep a bassist before an up-coming, Mitch threw down his guitar and picked up a bass. After changing their entire set list to fit the songs to a single guitar, the band leapt onto the stage fearlessly, and were well received. After their success, they returned to the drawing board and worked their way into their own original sound for two years. The band had been named Shut La Bouche, and many other names and settled for This Week's Trend, but realizing that TWT was a band name that was currently in use by not one, but many bands, they gave it up for A Higher Neutral... A Higher Neutral is working its way onto the progressive rock scene with influences from bands like Black Sabbath, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Mudvayne, KISS, Our Lady Peace, Sick Puppies, Tiny Tim, and many others. Working their way past boundaries, A Higher Neutral delivers a sound that is not only exciting and powerful, but passionate as well, with tons of ass-kickery to boot.

“...A Higher Neutral, a rock band out of Niagara Falls, stole the stage with their heavy songs and punky attitude towards stage presence.” - MPSS News, 04/16/2007


Pulls Me Through

Written By: A Higher Neutral

Verse 1

Sometimes we, cannot see
The path that they, lay before us
And there's times, the light we need
Disappears so all lose focus


Nowhere to go
And nowhere to hide
Time moves so slow and
I can't decide


The problems that we all must face
Decisions that there are to make
The shit that life will throw my way
You're the only thing that pulls me through
No one ever hears my screams
May take time but you'll soon see
It's hard to know just what they mean
You're the only thing that pulls me through

Verse 2

There's no way, through all this
Without a little, help from your kiss
This fighting, that finds me
Is the only part that I won't miss

Guitar Solo
Bass Solo
Chorus x2


Written By: A Higher Neutral

I know that you see me
You know this isn't fair
This worlds so decieving
Nobody seems to care

Theres nothing left for me here
But i don't give a shit
I'll hold my middle finger high
And you can sit on it

All that you are
All that you fear
Hold your head high
You will perservere

Be all that you can be
Or lay down in a ditch
Fight for every penny
Or sit around and bitch

Same old shit different day
Starting to lose my way
Don't know how far i've gone
Don't know where i belong


Think you're fuckin' smart eh
Stealing from the tree
Soon you'll come to figure out
Wisdom isn't free

So welcome to your deathbed
You've dug your grave the deeper
Death is my bitch tonight
Because I rape the reaper


Bridge (No words)

I know that you see me
You know this isn't fair
This worlds so decieving
Nobody seems to care

Theres nothing left for me here
But i don't give a shit
I'll hold my middle finger high
And you can sit on it



Written By: A Higher Neutral

You're the angel,
Sitting on my shoulder
And you wonder
Where I have been
And I'm not sure what to tell you
Or who can
All I know is I'll never fall
As long as you're holding my hand

Now that I'm a little bit stronger
Look into my eyes and see
I'll always love...

Don't shed a tear
I'll protect you.
And always hold you dear;
Even if it breaks my heart
and my soul
Into pieces
I'll always be whole,
As long as you're holding my hand

Now that I'm a little bit stronger
Look into my soul and see
I'll always love...

Now that I'm a little bit stronger
Look into my heart and see
I'll always love...


Written By: A Higher Neutral

I'm runnin' out
of faith and focus
why can't I feel the ground?
And when I shout
my words are silenced.
The air around me swallows sound.

Redemption is
out of reach
as my sins tighten around
Ascention from
a hole this deep
it feels as though my hands are bound.

And I drown
On all the words I wish you'd say.
This won't go away
And this sound,
it's essence is the true emphatic.
This static shakes the very ground.
And I can't breathe.

of a way out
gravity's pressing on my scars
I'm not alone
Blood running from the stars


I feel a light
Illuminate all that I see
just to be free
I'd give anything just to breathe.

Chorus x2

Won't Go Back

Written By: A Higher Neutral

Palms are sweating, patience thin
So this is where our story will end
My mind is racing, I can't save you
Not sure what there is left to do

Try to pay attention but my senses always slip
How long can I take it, till my conscience drifts away

Palms unleash the fire within
Rises inside me again and again
I can't take this shit, my heart is black and blue
So don't seem suprised when I won't go back for you

In my darkest hour, I reach for you
You told me you loved me but that's far from the truth
I fought for you, you made be bleed
So fuck what you want from me

Palms are bloody patience gone
Reach down inside me you know somethings wrong
Your silent now when I've done all I can do
Don't seem so suprised when I won't go back for you

It's been so long
Your off and on
Who knows whats wrong?
Your too far gone!

Sick of it! The same old shit!
I won't forget! I won't regret!

Fuck this shit!
I'm done with it
This life this song
It's all gone wrong
Your time is up
Fuck you too
You seem so suprised that I won't go back for you

For you!


"The True Empathic" EP 2008
1. Pulls Me Through
2. Persevere
3. Angel
4. Breathe
5. Won't Go Back
Tracks can be found at www.myspace.com/ahigherneutral OR www.purevolume.com/ahigherneutral

Set List

Our typical set list consists of original material and covers from bands we like or who have influenced us. A standard AHN set list is as follows:

Pulls Me Through - AHN
Who Wants To Be Lonely - Kiss
School's Out - Alice Cooper
Persevere - AHN
Prayer For The Refugee - Rise Against
Hazy Shade Of Winter - The Bangles
Want You Bad - The Offspring
Breathe - AHN