A Hill to Die Upon

A Hill to Die Upon

 Monmouth, Illinois, USA

Very dark, very tight, very fast, and very heavy, one of a kind mix of Black and Death Metal. A Hill To Die Upon is one of the fastest growing young metal band out there today.


Started by brothers Adam and Michael, A HILL TO DIE UPON has been characterized by a constant drive to better the music and the inability to give up. After forming in the Winter of 2005, many demos and uncountable shows, AHTDU found it’s niche in extreme metal with Elisha Mullins and Ravn Furfjord (ex Antestor and Frosthardr). While releasing their first full length, INFINITE TITANIC IMMORTAL, AHTDU has made great strides in their titanic onslaught. Infinite Titanic Immortal is the band's debut album and in less than a year since it's release has already made an incredible mark in the underground metal scene and truly showing the band's growing potential.

The band is currently working on their follow up to ITI, entitled OMENS. With the departure of Ravn on bass, the band has become a power trio with lead vocalist Adam now on bass. The sound of AHTDU is tighter, faster, and heavier and OMENS looks become another staple in the growing underground metal scene.


HM Magazine - 4/5 “…they‘ve got my attention and soon they‘ll have yours.”

Teethofthedivine.com - “…year’s best album cover…”

Theomegaorder.com - “...this young band is already operating at
a very high level.”

Outburn Magazine - 8/10

SOD Magazine - “Epic, powerful, crushing Black Metal onslaught…”

Rawandwild.com - “Get this album.”


Prometheus Rebound

Written By: Michael Cook

Prometheus Rebound

[Music by Adam Cook; lyrics by Michael Cook]

["Be what it is my destiny to be,
The saviour and strength of suffering man,
Or sink into the original gulf of things:
There is no agony, and no solace;
Earth can console, Heaven can torment me no more."
- Percy Shelley, Prometheus Unbound

Prometheus Unbound was the most inspiring of A Hill to Die Upon's lyrics to write.
After reading though Shelley's Prometheus Unbound and his notes, it seemed necessary to write Prometheus Rebound.
The change to Rebound comes from the rejection of the popular Byronic opinion that Prometheus is a Satanic mirror image and a symbol of rebellion against 'the gods.'
The Titan and Nazarene, the immortal and immortal, God and demigod, share more than they contrast.
It is with clay and blood in which we are made.
We are the Promethean sons, let us not waste this immortality.]

No sleep, no dreams, no making mankind's peace
The furies for company and the rejection of that infinity

Abomination of my clay brothers...
We are the mud and filth of this earth
Of what we can or would become
This likeness is what we are

Artist of my clay spirit
I am the reclaimed fallen son
Of what we can or would die to see:
A fire in the hearts of men

In blackest day of generations
My end is to end as the dead
We dead Promethean sons
End of the dead
"Titans, Behold your God!"
Bow before the potter's Son
My end is to end as the dead
Promethean child!

"Titans, Behold you God!"
He canst become no clearer
God of all, star inwoven
He hast love beyond!

"Champion of heaven's slaves"
Oblivion Son
We canst grieve no more...
Io! Barest of love
Oblivion soul
We canst bare no more...

[Quotes taken from Shelly's "Prometheus Unbound" and Keat's "Hyperion".]

This King Never Smiles

Written By: Michael Cook

This King Never Smiles

[Music by Adam Cook; lyrics by Steve Southard]

["Avarice, or the desire for gain, is a universal passion, which operates at all times, at all places, and upon all persons."
- David Hume

Greed, at the very top of success, is bored and turns to perversion.
"Ignorance and avarice," our two most common human attributes, tear this world apart when left unchecked.
All of the world's wealth belongs to so few, while so many go hungry.
And those of us who suffer so much wealth, is it possible to escape?
Jesus said to the rich man, "...sell your possessions, and give to the poor..." (Mathew 19:21).
These are two separate commands, two which we do not follow very studiously.]

Live long the curse of Midas!
Be warned of greed and golden pastures.
For years, I've often sat and pondered
"What more should I obtain?"
"What else is left for me to conquer?"
Power, yes everlasting power
Obtained by wealth and gold
A force that I can touch and hold

Ignorance and avarice
Hand and hand as one

Servant, bring my plate I have a hunger
For I cannot live on my riches alone
Servant night is close, where is my daughter?
What do you mean she's on the lawn?
Call her name, bring her to me.
What do you mean she's stiff and cold?
My own blood now a trophy?
My Dionysus, I've paid your price in full.

My kingdom lies in ruin from their king,
From my own hand my kingdom lies in ruin.

I realize now my life's importance
I realize now my lesson learned
Each step I make towards gold and fortune
That's one more foot in the ground

Please lift this curse from my head
Please life this curse from my head
Just let me wash my hands of this

Twin Heads of Vengeance

Written By: Michael Cook

Twin Heads Of Vengeance

[Music by Adam Cook; lyrics by Michael Cook]

["The time for war has not yet come, but it will come, and that soon; and when it does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard."
- Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

The double-headed eagle goes back to several thousand years B.C. with the Hittites and remains today in several coat-of-arms, the Albanian flag, and the Teutonic order.
This creature is such an amazing enigma that it was our first choice for the album cover and became the perfect symbol for this song of war.
It is common usage today, for sure, but we felt this eagle, along with Prometheus, had so much more to reveal.]

The Twin Heads: "Two beaks tear at a thousand nation's eyes
Wings beat upon the ears of all who dare to fight

My light shineth the way
Forward through ash and fog and fear
It is flaming madness I see... in all whom I command!

Set flame to a million empirical states
That will not bare my faces
I am at peace with the madness of my race

Two beaks tear at a thousand nation's eyes
Wings beat upon the ears of all who dare to fight..

The Warriors: "Beholdeth what we cannot see
God of gods!
Law by nature, by will alone
Infinite Titanic Immortal

Oh! Faceless might
Grant us the sight
Through the ash and flame
The Hymns of chaos rise!"

The Poet: "Warring iron gods
And madness' undying flame
Carmen ex ignis
Cantus ex metus"


"Infinite Titanic Immortal" - Released July 21st 2009

"Omens" - To Be Released June, 2011

Set List

-Twin Heads of Vengeance
-Prometheus Rebound
-The Chant Of Mighty Offspring
-Heka Secundus
-May The Thing Be Destroyed
-Season Of The Starved Wolf
-Adept in Divinity
-Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
-This King Never Smiles