I just write from the heart. I use all types of genres and sounds. I've been told that I sound like Alicia Keys, Fiona Apple, and (my fav) Bradley Nowell. I LOVE to write songs. Some tracks are reggaeish, some poppy, worldy, folky, some ballods. Listen and you'll see what I mean! :)


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What if

Written By: Ahlayda

What if the words that I said could come true and there was nothing that they could do about it?
What if I reached out my hand to help hearts and lands well I'm just a girl who stands for love and light.
Could it be? Could it be a garden again? Could it be? Could it be again?
Well, what if the factories, creating the bombs and guns all over this world would just shut down?
And then all of the workers who still need to feed their daughters and sons had another job lined up?
To, oh I don't know, maybe walk around and let their feet create the energy- from hydraulic steps, or riding a bicycle- anything for peace.
Well I can dream today- that others feel the same way. I can dream today- for the day, for the day that all this earth could be like a garden, for the day, for the day what if this world could be ruled by love?
For the day, for the day, what if the earth could be like a garden for the day, for that day of love.
Well I can dream today that others feel the same way
I can dream today. Please don't take my dream away. What if
Is it possible?
Could it be? Could it be a garden? Could it be? Well I believe it can.