Ahleuchatistas is a convergence of philosophies and musical influences. The trio's shows defy expectations, leaving jaws dropped and minds wondering how what they do is even possible. Exciting, innovative, and unclassifiable, their music is a triumph of humanity over the evils of the world.


Formed in Asheville, NC in 2003, Ahleuchatistas immediately began to impact the musical landscape and continues to do so five years later. They have performed hundreds of concerts, from DIY house shows and club dates in the US and Canada to jazz festivals in Europe. Their live show must be seen to be believed, as they seemingly do the impossible with their bare bones setup, creating a beautiful assault of polyrhythms, pointillistic textures, and memorable themes.
Ahleuchatistas has released 4 full length albums of uncompromising compositional rock complexity, three of which appear on the revered bastions of international avant-garde music Cuneiform Records and John Zorn's Tzadik labels.
Here are some recent press quotes about Ahleuchatistas' latest album, "Even in the Midst...":

"Their formula seems to be that they don’t have one, and that is what keeps this all so surprising. They maintain an energy throughout ...Even in the Midst that is truly astounding, and their ability to turn on a dime, switching time-signature and pace two and three times in a song without blinking, makes even the longest entries on this record seem fresh from moment to moment."
Matthew Fiander (PopMatters, 2007)

"Structured upon a wiz, bang and thoroughly in-your-face gait, the trio amplifies the knotty time divisions and metrics heard by fabled musical warriors of a bygone era. And it’s balls-to-the-walls all over the place throughout Even In The Midst... that serves as a continuation of the unit’s previously chartered excursions. The music presents an innumerable degree of oddball niceties, all underscored with a skyrocketing impetus."
Glenn Astrarita (All About Jazz, 2007)

"Ahleuchatistas are a very special band in the sense that their music sticks with you. It is a sick combination of jazz, punk, maybe a little metal, and homegrown political protest folk in the best traditions of Asheville's hippie cauldron way up there in the Appalachians somewhere off I-40. Other artists may be taking the same spirit with them when they create their own music, but nobody sounds quite like Ahleuchatistas."
Patrick Masterson (Audiversity, 2007)


On The Culture Industry (2003) - Angura Sound
The Same and the Other (2004) - NFI
What You Will (2006) - Cuneiform Records
Even In the Midst... (2007) - Cuneiform Records
The Same and the Other Reissue (2008) - Tzadik

Set List

An Ahleuchatistas show is energetic and powerful - a non-stop barrage.
A typical Ahleuchatistas set list ranges from 15-20 songs and anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. All material is original. In Europe, we have played 2 sets and for close to two hours.