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Ahmad Hassan

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Ahmad Hassan: New Kid On The Block!"

"This might, well, be the sound that we have been searching for!"

- I.P. Daly - SPIN

"Ahmad Hassan: 2009's Next Big Thing"

"Ahmad Hassan embodies everything ROCK, but still manages to elevate amongst his peers!"

- Gena Gershwan - NME

"Ahmad Hassan:"

"A pure drop in a sea of noise..."

- Cameron Crowley - DETAILS


Debut CD: Little Big Ones (2009)
Singles: Goddess




The story of Ahmad Hassan begins in the sticky, mosquito-infested, swamps of Florida...where a young boy struggled to find acceptance amongst his peers.

Never really quite fitting in, our black sheep, struggled to find identity...a deficiency, which could only be uncovered with exploration and ultimately time.

It was only when he turned his ears to the cosmos, that he found solace in a black hole sun...

And at that very moment, the universe awakened...offering it's endless possibilities, while unfurling the long & winding road, ahead.

The only thing left to do was to take that first step...and step he did.


"There must be something in the water? Or so it seems. For such a reaction to this sound, has yet to seen."

It has been many years, since the sheep shed it's protective wool...the scowl from which howl emits, is now that of a calloused wolf.

The stench of life's trials and tribulations linger on every lyric, as the weary world echos with each vibration of steel guitar string.

It is from this pain, that hope is born. It is from this hope, that life is worth living.

A cacophony...a juxtaposition...a conglomeration of this and that.

All that matters is transcendence...and music be the catalyst.

So, yes...there must be something in the water! Or more appropriately in the air, for such a reaction to this sound...his sound...has yet to be seen...

...or duplicated.