Ahmad Naboulsi

Ahmad Naboulsi


If there was a happy medium between melancholy an optimism, it would be these songs by Ahmad Naboulsi. Youthful, bright-eyed, and honest, Ahmad Naboulsi is unapologetic about history, relationships, life, and himself. This is music to ponder.


Ahmad Naboulsi was born in Detroit city to two immigrant parents in 1988. Since he was 13, he has recorded over 100 demos and songs with many different bands, under different pseudonyms, with styles ranging from punk, to pop-rock, to techno, to noise.

This solo endeavor is an extension of a small acoustic project that Ahmad started many years ago. The release of his self titled EP in Spring 2009 marks the first official release in over 4 years. Influenced heavily by indie greats Cap'n Jazz, Braid, and The Promise Ring, Ahmad blends the abstract, angular sounds of early emo with the melodic and accessible style inherent to modern indie-folk music. Melancholy and somber, Ahmad Naboulsi's dressed-down songs about friendship, life, and growth will earn him a name in the greater Lansing music scene and beyond.


Ahmad Naboulsi (EP) (April 2009)

Set List

1. Four Wheels
2. St. Michael
3. Bring Me Down
4. Troy
5. The Sink
6. Racing the Sun
7. All I Need

Approx 30 minutes