Ahnabith Gish

Ahnabith Gish


Alternative Progressive Rock


It took three years for Ahnabith Gish to find it's place, a collusion of conspiracies that had them lose 2 ep's of material due to hard drive failures and deal with a revolving door of members, created setback after setback in which they have finally found stability.

From it's beginnings as an acoustic trio to it's current lineup as an obscure-hyphenated-genre mixture of 4 from Calgary, Ab, the band has always defined it's current state of well being by it's music.

Building on their independently released first lp 'Are Wakeours Leep', they have past the freshman stretch of first tour, second release and have been working on their third album, an as yet to be named ep to be released in the spring of '09, once again, independently.


"... [Ahnabith Gish] continue to color outside the lines in all of the genres they encompass -- technical metal, shimmering post-rock and emotionally charged art rock. Imagine a cross between Tool and Explosions In The Sky and you might at least be in the correct ballpark. Unfortunately for fans trying to get a sense of the band's music before actually listening to them, this does little to catch the spirit of the band's highly progressive and experimental music."
- Swerve Magazine


A Widow's Praise

Written By: Dario Hudon-Verrelli

Turn over the stone before we drop our hands and pray.
Don't forget the ghosts before the truth becomes perverted with a bias.

You have such imagination, such imagination.
Yes, you, do.


LP - Are Wakeours Leep [2008]
EP - locus brought, speechless pathetic [2006]

Set List

[5m] A Widows Praise
[5m] Of Paradoxal Snares
[3m] Brown st. classic
[4m] People [new ep]
[3m] Grace [new ep]
[4m] Wurlitzer [new ep]

Our setlist hovers 30min on average, we can do a full hour if necessary or a memorable 20 min.

We do not go over the requested limit, ever.