A Horse And His Boy

A Horse And His Boy

 London, Ontario, CAN

“A Horse and His Boy are of an interesting breed. They play a strange blend of sample/synth-heavy post-rock/electro with lots of screaming. It’s really weird and completely excellent… Their music rides that very fine line between outright experimentation and total accessibility that we all enjoy so much and I personally hope to see them around town more often.” – Steel Bananas


A Horse And His Boy released their debut album independently with Open House Arts Collective in September 2009 in London Ontario. That year they won ‘Local Album of the Year’ from 94.9 CHRW and performed at LOLA Fest along with Holy Fuck, Akron/Family and Owen Pallett. In 2010 the band performed at NxNE and later shared the stage with Woodhands, Diamond Rings, The Winks and with PS I Love You at Oh! Fest. The band is currently at work on their new album, which will feature their single “Colour Bars”.


'A HORSE AND HIS BOY' (self-titled release 2009)

Set List

45-60 minutes