A House Away

A House Away

 Toms River, New Jersey, USA

We're A House Away, an alternative high school band from Ocean County. We love the music we play and have tons of fun playing it. We are trying to play as many shows as possible and would like to thank anyone who came to our page. It means a lot to us :) Contact us at: ahouseawaymusic@aol.com.


A House Away is a pop-punk band from Toms River, NJ composed of 18 year old Joey (Vocals and Bass), 18 year old Josh (Vocals, Guitar), and 15 year old Jeff (Drums). The three band members began their music ventures when they received Rock Band as a gift a few years ago. As the boys played, their passion for music grew and they eventually decided to learn real instruments. The band began with covers of Blink-182 as the boys fell in love with their pop-punk sound. It was at this time that A House Away began performing these covers live at local venues. As they played live, the band's talent developed. It was then that they decided to dive into the world of creating original music. It was quickly discovered that Josh had a natural talent for writing songs. His melodic riffs simply came to him in seconds. It was at this time that A House Away began developing their personal sound and continued playing live. The band competed in various battle of the bands competitions and placed second in two. Numerous fans commented on both the band's likeable personality and their endearing, energetic stage presence. The band also performed many times at The Stone Pony (Springsteen, Bon Jovi, etc.) where the seasoned crew always requests encores. After these performances, A House Away wrapped up their summer by recording Me and My Friends, their debut EP. This EP demonstrates the exact charismatic sound that New Jersey shore music fans have been falling in love with. The band desires to continue writing fast, upbeat, and catchy pop-punk songs for the masses to enjoy. A simple listen to the cheerful, end of school song "Last Day" will demonstrate the exact sound the band desires to achieve. This band is set apart from others by their cooperation, sincere love of music, and fresh, catchy pop-punk sound.


Me and My Friends EP