Ai and I

Ai and I


We like to call our music "Heart Music" since it is written from the heart. Our songs all come out of life experiences that have had impacts on us. We write about life, love, family members, and sometimes just whatever we feel like. In a way, I guess our music sort of tells the story of our lives.


Spence and I have been friends since the 7th grade. We used to jam together a lot, but never really wrote many songs. It wasnt until tragedy struck that we really became inspired. In June of 2006 Stewart Shapton, Spencer's brother, was killed in a car accident. Spencer was instantly hit with grief, but unlike many, instead of turning to drugs and alchohol he turned to music. After a trip to Japan in August I returned home completely inspired. I remember Spencer calling me up and saying, " Do you wanna play in the battle of the bands?" When I asked, "When?" I was surprised that he said, "Next week!!". I accepted, and that night I went straight to Spencer's house where we were to write 7 songs in 7 hours. It was intense, and to tell you the truth most of it I dont remember at all. To our great surprise we were to win that battle of the bands with only 5 days of practice under our belts!! We could not have done it without limebars and longboards! It all felt like a dream. The next months were to be an extension of that dream. We continued to play as many shows as we could at coffee houses, private parties, book stores, music stores, bars, clubs, festivals, and even got to jam at our own graduation ceremony. We came to learn through music many things: about life, about love, about family, and about ourselves. We love music, and for us it is a therapy, it is our calling, and our purpose from God. We continue to write songs almost everyday, from the heart. We are always trying to improve, and we are always changing. During our senior year in highschool we wrote over 22 songs, and recorded 10 in studios. We plan on releasing an album soon titled "Heart Music" dedicated in loving memory of Stewart Lee Shapton. Japan was the trip of a lifetime for Spencer and I. We practically lived there for 2 months we were doing the same things together everyday. It was bound to happen and eventually we got sick of each other and almost thought about going solo. If it wasnt for our good friend Hudson Arnold to have met up with us in Tokyo this page might not exist, and we are very thankful for that.


Currently we are working on recording our first album. We have a myspace page and have songs up which we plan on releasing on our album.

Set List

We dont really have a typical set list. Our sets are almost always different, and we like it that way. We have written many songs including: After All, We Always Do, Fallen Tree, Hello, Shooting Star, Power Ballad Pop Song, Meatloaf, The World, Kaze Mo, 20 Years, Richard, Homesick, Tomorrow, You Only Live Once, Long Boards and Limebars, and many more. We play a few cover songs, and try to play a new one every show. We cover usually Mr. Tamborine Man, and God Only Knows.