Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF | AFTRA

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Pop Synth


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"Don't You (Get Carried Away) - Single Review"

Bobby and Liz from Austin, Texas are AI. Together they create synthetic dance sounds. For their newest single "Don't You (Get Carried Away)" the duo received musical support by guitar player Rick Gonzalez who helped make this song become a powerful clash of Synthwave, Indie Rock, and some gloomy Alternative Rock atmosphere. It is thus a tune that allows to dance, or to sit down and have a drink while letting the thrilling vocals work, likewise.

The stunning and atmospheric Synth Indie Rock anthem deals with an issue that is very serious these days. AI concern the destructive and divisive power of conspiracy theories and so-called alternative facts these days. As people get carried away by following charlatans or having themselves indoctrinated via targeted misinformation, friendships or families are endangered of drifting apart. Should we let ourselves get carried away? Most certainly not! - MangoWave

"Prosper Park - Pop Fad Blog"

Al, a synth-pop duo based in Austin, Texas is composed of the brilliant duo Liz Feezor, the writer responsible for such great summer party songs, and Bobby Cheatham, who takes those lyrics and melodies to the DNATX Studio for mixing and recording. They came together, using their influences of Depeche Mode, David Byrne, Nine Inch Nails and more, to create the track we’ve all been needing: Prosper Park.

The three minute dance track opens up with a beat you can’t miss, that would stand anyone up to groove in the club. Immediately followed with strong, vibing vocals and lyrics directed at a special someone, that paint the scene for us. “It’s 99 by noon, you enter the room. There’s no heat like Augustine,” it’s a song that, like the lyrics, pulls us in like a dream. The opening is so sharp and attentive, yet it has a way of gliding into softer territory as we face the chorus, and by the time we’re singing along, we’ve already made it to Prosper Park hand in hand with Al.

With a very clear concept and a sexy captivating soundscape, Al makes sure to bring in the exact sounds we need to hear to live in the moment with them: elegant harmonies, funky bass lines, a catchy chorus. I wonder, would you lay with them in Prosper Park and feel the heat in Augustine?

A song about what the youthful feeling of a spontaneous night and the right company can create, matched perfectly with lyrics and sound, is the perfect song for anytime, any day. - Pop Fad Blog

"Don't You (Get Carried Away) - The Other Side"

Misinformation is rife and it can cause a lot of problems that pull you down. AI are giving us a chance to dance out all the negativity it causes with ‘Don’t You (Get Carried Away)’. With a nod to the divisiveness, conspiracies and pain that misinformation leads to, the duo blends synths and Rick Gonzales’ guitar for a burst of energy.

The synth-pop tones of the single come from Bobby Cheatham and Liz Feezor. The Austin-based duo draws on musical influences from The Eurythmics to Depeche Mode. With the help of featured guitarist Rick Gonzales, they creep into your ears with an energy designed to bring people together against the tidal wave of divisiveness we all face.

‘Don’t You (Get Carried Away)’ bubbles and pulses to life before rolling you into a melodic flow. Gonzales’ guitar line is captivating as it paces forward with the synths dancing around it. There is an interesting interplay in the melody. The guitar is an organic line that draws you forward and plays against the light and airy synths that want to pull you into the atmosphere. Together, they form a really soothing melody that has you moving and leaving all negativity in its wake. While not pulsing with uncontained energy, there is something about it that eases bright energy into your veins.

The vocals bring some retro vibes to the single as they echo out of the depths. There is a layering to the performance that creates a wonderful vibe. The lyrics touch on the troubles of the world only to move on in the chorus and encourages you to let the bad slide off your back. There is a touch of pleasing in the performance at this point that meets the synths to enhance their airy pull.

AI has you leaving negativity in the past and moving forward with the lights of ‘Don’t You (Get Carried Away)’. The synths and guitar of the melody combine to effortlessly draw you forward while the vocals encourage you to let go of negativity. Together, they have you wanting to move to their rhythm while shedding everything in a gentle burst of energy. - The Other Side Reviews

"'76' - Single Review"

The Texas duo AI consists of Bobby Cheatham and Liz Feezor. Inspired by the music of Depeche Mode and Eurythmics with elements of new wave and industrial, the musicians have formed their own creative unit that creates their masterpieces of synthesizer pop music.

Their new single '76' was released on July 25th. The song has a pulsating rhythm that starts with a pop chorus along with vocals and rhythm guitars. The retro synthesizer plays a leading role in the whole composition, providing it with a dense background.

In the verses, the vocals have a strict melody that accentuates by the arpeggio on a cold electric guitar. The duet singing focuses on pop choruses creating a 90s atmosphere in the sound. In the finale, all the instruments are harmoniously united in one melodic move, developing and expanding the fullness of the musical space.

The new single from AI deserves our attention and we will wait for their new work. Listen to the single '76' on Spotify below and get acquainted with a new strong work from the duo AI. - Indie Dock Music Blog

"'76' - Single Review - Find No Enemy"

Austin based synth-pop duo AI is as futuristic, spooky, and ethereally metallic as you'd expect. Their latest track, '76', is an homage to the intricacies and complexities of human dynamics, the constant miscommunications and misalignments with what we're all thinking. In full embrace of what it means to be misaligned, to be a misfit, AI have crafted a synth driven euphoric summer bop that'll guide you through your lows.

Clocking in at just under four minutes, 76 doesn't waste time dilly dallying. It immediately goes into overdrive, with a powerful introduction and a progressively building rallying call of a vocal performance. It's just ecstatic, purely euphoric. You'll want to be screaming it at the top of your lungs as you run down an empty road. - Find No Enemy

"Prosper Park - Sinusoidal Music"

God bless synth waves and the sound of futuristic dystopia. Austin-based American synth-pop duo AI glide back into their discography with the release of one of their latest singles of 2020 — Prosper Park.

The duo makes their return from some of their early discography such as Blue Flowers on the Radio, appearing more thematic and elemental gusto like none previously. Prosper Park is a three-minute groove, characteristically borrowing similarities from psychedelic pop, psychedelic rock, disco synth-pop and a hint of neo-psychedelia. The compressed drums and distorted electric tones offer the track the ability to compare with the soundscapes of some of the stalwarts in the genre such as Tame Impala and MGMT.

The vocals manage to accurately retain some of the frenzy left from the eighties discotheque inertia, particularly with the characteristic melodic suspension following the chorus — ‘When it gets dark, I still feel it’. AI’s music manages to create in the ears of the listener a near science-fictional landscape, not very much unlike the worlds created by Ziggy Stardust and more contemporary releases such as Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino, suspending the listener in a world defined and fueled by the sound of its two citizens — Bobby Cheatham and Liz Feezor from AI. - Sinusoidal Music

"Prosper Park - The Other Side Reviews"

AI are bringing the spontaneity of youth to our ears through the dance beats and electricity of ‘Prosper Park’. With a sexy flow twirling around post-punk and dark pop tones, the duo draws you into the heat for a touch of electric skin that you aren’t going to forget. If you are looking to get away from the world for just a moment, this is the track that you need to listen to.

The ride into moving dance beats flows with the same eases as their single ‘Don’t You (Get Carried Away)’. With music that bursts with energy, Bobby Cheatham and Liz Feezor leave negativity in their wake have you moving to the music of your soul. While paying homage to the emotions that make us human, they bring the modern influence of machines into play.

The deep beat of ‘Prosper Park’ has your head bopping to its rhythm. The depths of the beats vibrate in your chest before the pulse of guitars brings a touch of dark pop to your ears. The music has a marching feeling that pulls you into the track before everything flutters on the breeze. There is an amazing interplay between the depths of the single and the lighter tones that beckon you to Prosper Park. While the wash of lighter tones brings a brighter edge to the track, there is a darkness that whirls around. This darkness is quite irresistible as it pulls you into the story of the lyrics.

The lyrics play out a story of youthful spontaneity, passion and heat that the duo effortlessly pulls you into. The vocals bring a retro vibe to the track as you swirl in the mire of youthful indiscretions. It is a really seductive single that has you fully under its spell by the time the second verse hits. Through all of this, is a tentative excitement that is tempered by the dark feeling of the melody.

AI effortlessly pull you under their spell with the dark swirls of spontaneity, youth and heat wrapped in retro vibes that is ‘Prosper Park’. There is an irresistible pull to the music that brings dark pop sensibilities that a deep and heady beat. The vocals tell the story of seductive youthful decisions and carefree attitudes. - The Other Side Reviews

"76 - MangoWave Reviews"

Liz Feezor and Bobby Cheatham, also known as AI, had their first appearance on MangoWave in May 2021, when their single 'Don't you (get carried away)' was reviewed. Click here to read the article. In late July, the Texan duo has released a new song in which they express their fascination for the complexity of the dynamics and interferences of human interaction.

Indie Rock and Synthwave merge into a fuzzy, gloomy, and bubbly sound in AI's new track. Certain elements of Dream Pop and Post Punk complete this stunning soundscape that feels like a blurry fog of misunderstandings and pretending to be somebody else to please another human being. Thus, the chorus 'I don't fit into your picture' is a mix of relief and desolation. AI bring the sound of 1980s Synth Rock back and present it in a contemporary thrilling way. - MangoWave

"Vincent Dylan - Rising Artists Music Blog"

“As we ride the wave and crash into oblivion, let “Vincent Dylan” carry you away.” Newest track from AI, “Vincent Dylan” is a tribute to the broad spectrum of human feelings. When listening to “Vincent Dylan” they urge current and future listeners to dance through the push and the pull of opposing emotions: jealousy and betrayal; love and connection.

AI is a synth-pop duo based in Austin, TX that consists of Bobby Cheatham and writer Liz Feezor, they describe themselves as the soundtrack for the range of human emotions and the ubiquitous influence that technology has on the world.

You’re quick to make a joke about your mom or dad when catch them in the living room dancing to the classics but truth is everyone loves a good synth and it makes you want to do that slow dance when you close your eyes and move your shoulders like no one is watching. AI combines sweet sweet lyrics with a beautiful synth to create that magical song that is “Vincent Dylan”. This is the song for all ages, genres, sexes, it does not matter, the uniqueness of “Vincent Dylan” is what keeps everyone hooked.

AI has gained a mass following on Spotify and it is clear why, with a nostalgic yet refreshing tune and meaningful lyrics, they can quickly capture your hearts. Once you listen to “Vincent Dylan” and their other hits you will become hooked. They have all singles released on Spotify and if you live in the Austin, TX area you must come see their live performance on November 2nd at Hotel Vegas. - Rising Artists Music Blog

"Vincent Dylan - MangoWave"

Arent't human emotions something weird and fascinating at the same time? Polar opposites can be so close to each other, only thin lines divide them. And often, several emotions can appear simultaneously and create a colourful and savage tohuwabohu that affects feelings and moods. These phenomena are dealt with in AI's single 'Vincent Dylan'. The Texan duo hereby pays tribute to the beautiful chaos that human emotions can be.

This thrilling Indie and Synth Rock anthem is defined by asynchronous movements of rhythm section and riffs. Dream Pop, Indie Rock, and Wave create a powerful vortex that musicks the clash of several emotions. This allows the listeners to read positive and negative emotive states from the soundscape, or to focus their hearing on one of them. - Mango Wave Blog


The band has released 9 singles since the Fall of 2019 and will be pressing their first full length on Vinyl in the summer of 2022.  



AI is a synth-rock duo based in Austin, TX comprised of Bobby Cheatham (Bad Birds, Distance Runner) and writer Liz Feezor. The band blends synths, drum machines, and ethereal vocals and credits Depeche Mode, David Byrne, and The Eurythmics as musical influences. AI is the soundtrack for the range of human emotions and the ubiquitous influence that technology has on the world.

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