Aidan Knight

Aidan Knight

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

Aidan Knight pits guarded lyricism against ambitious, sweeping arrangements. With a collection of new songs that weave into a meta-narrative about what it means to be creative and alone in your thoughts, to be a songwriter. For fans of Damien Jurado, Wilco, and Broken Social Scene.


Two years can go by in the blink of an eye, or can stretch into a prolonged series of cross-country tours, weddings, funerals, rehearsals, odd jobs and getting your drivers license. Just ask Aidan Knight, the 25 year old songwriter and namesake of the Victoria-based band who unveil their second album Small Reveal on October 23rd

Knight and his collaborators (Julia Wakal, Colin Nealis, David Barry and Olivier Clements) created the swirling cinematics of Small Reveal in a whirlwind 10 days in 10 different recording spaces. The comraderie and the contributions of the band were integral to the process, Aidan explains; “Everything from horn arrangements to drum fills, they're things that I could never make up on my own. They're impossible; Only happening because of those 5 people in that certain space. The most powerful ideas are the ones that we never could have expected."

Small Reveal presents songs about songwriting, escapism in characters, and the oftentimes, fleeting nature of creativity. The result is an exciting yet dreamy, lushly-arranged record that swells and ebbs around the captivating focal point of Aidan’s voice. “We created something personal but omniscient, something ragged but polished, something that was reflective of what it means to spend a year crafting something that isn't revealed until the very last day. Unhurried. This is an album of music about creating music, the escapism in it and the uncomfortable honesty that hopefully shows itself.”


Small Reveal (Outside) 2012
Friendly Fires 7" (Adventure Boys Club) 2010
Versicolour (Adventure Boys Club) 2010

Set List

Between 45min to 1hr of music