Aidan’s sound is unique because of the variety in their music. While the studio recordings provide a great way to listen to the band, the passion and energy from their live show simply cannot be missed!


Since their inception in the fall the 2003, Aidan has exploded on to the Indie music scene in Ontario. Over the past year, Aidan has been a regular sight on many of stages in the Toronto area, much to the delight of their ever-growing fan base. Private shows as well as competing in large competitions like the world wide Emergenza music festival have allowed widespread exposure capturing eager new listeners with each performance.

While the band works hard constantly writing new material and continuing to evolve as a band for their live shows, they have been just as busy off the stage. The fall of 2004 saw the release of the bands debut album “Songs for the Socially Inept”. But even that wasn’t enough to quiet the screaming fans. They wanted more, and Aidan was quick to deliver. In the winter of 2005 the band filmed their first video, scheduled for release in the summer of 2005.

Sandy’s provocative lyrical content and catchy chord progressions are brought to life by Paul’s melodic leads. Mireya provides stunning backing vocals as well as a rock solid backbone on the drums while Sole's bass helps to add depth to the songs.

Discography least i'm happy on the outside.
Songs for the Socially Inept
Acoustic Rarities

Set List

don't start
missed my self
these people
the boy
the club song
otherside of me