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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Top 5 Underground Unsigned Pysch Freakout Bands in New York Cit"

“Vast dynamics, odd meters, tormenting vocals and a stick bass make this a band you will not soon forget. It kind of assaults your ears the way a female fronted Tool would.” -

"aikostar live"

“Attitude is one thing that Aikostar has a lot of… If you have seen [Veronica] (vocals, rhythm guitar) on stage, you would know that she performs with great attitude. (She) yells, screams, dances and jumps around... Others may disagree but that is how it’s supposed to be. To be big, you gotta think big. This is the attitude that Aikostar delivers when they are on stage.” - Patrick Villavert,

" album review"

"Releasing their debut full-length through their own label, New York City’s female-fronted Aikostar isn’t waiting for anyone to catch up. Along with her bellowing and throat-wrenching vocals, Veronica Faye adds interpretative dancing to her resume, plunking something quite unique into their live show. Hard rock alternative music with chunks of guitar and bass that make your body squirm with excitement and borrowed energy. Kinetic riffing is one element that makes this hard but Veronica also adds her own fiery attitude that manages to bleed through the album’s songs and soak your body and ears in its stingy abruptness. Nice and it’s good to hear a female-fronted band that doesn’t sound like Hole, The Breeders, the Cranberries, Bjork, or Alanis." - J-sin,

"Poptimes magazine review"

""Look at my shadow now! Look at my shadow now!", screams Aikostar's enigmatic front-woman, Vero in the outro of the track The Guardian, which assaulted my ears with such beautiful, yet confusing sensation - kind of like the androgyny of the whole Aikostar thing: Dark, heavy, manly, off-meter songs engulfed by a delicately angry female voice. Such is Aikostar's charm - simply, unclassifiable. And their debut album accurately portrays them as such...It is one album that one would cherish because of the mind boggling performance and the intricate arrangements... It is a record that pounds one's senses with brutal sweetness, and fills one's soul with the need to absorb itself.

Verdict: An amazing record that lives up to all expectations." -


Aikostar - self titled full length album - out August 8th, 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Year - 2002. The Place - New York City.
Aikostar is born to one hot Filipina vocalist and one introverted guitarist/artsy-fartsy guy from Ukraine.
Godparents - a good ol' Mississippi string-pickin' boy, and a Spaniard (by way of Michigan) percussionist.
And if that's not diverse enough, the musical tastes range from Mahler and Bartok to Meshuggah, Tool and Radiohead.

For three years Aikostar performed relentlessy on the local scene and at such festivals as "M.E.A.N.Y. fest", "CMJ", "Chicks That Rock", and "Bottlefest", and in late 2005 decided to focus on releasing their debut full length album which will be available on August 8th, 2006!