Aileen Morgan

Aileen Morgan

 New York City, New York, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

From pop to jazz, from southern folk to blues, one thing that Aileen's songs don't do is sound alike. Lyrics are rich in detail, low in fluff, matched with solid soaring melodies and intricate guitar work.


“What has risen to the surface along my journey is that I write, sing and play my music as a form of healing and self-growth.”

With her upcoming album, “Room To Grow” Aileen says, “Something magical is happening with each new song that I write. Through this deeply honest and revealing medium of self healing and expression, a beautiful reaction has occurred; my listeners have found my music healing too.”

There are the facts: a singer-songwriter, an Irish-American daughter, born in an old farm town on the outskirts of New York City, a uniquely talented musician who has studied with legends in their fields, a performer equally gifted in command of both voice and guitar. There are the impressions, left on anyone who sees her perform: the smile, the depth, the soul on display in a three-minute song, and of course that voice. But somehow more important than all of that is the music. Her music may be described as pop, folk, blues, or rock, but behind the inevitable labels there is a music that is formed by her own experiences and distinctly her own.

Aileen's desire to enrich her journey began at age 11. She was drawn to live overseas, in a mystical oasis set in the highly secluded mountains of West Ireland, thus beginning her formal musical education in voice. Although mostly self-taught, Aileen thrived in her new musical environs, earning a vocal scholarship to attend the University of South Carolina at the age of eighteen. While in Charleston, Aileen absorbed and interpreted the new sounds and styles of music around her, in a fashion that has continuously marked her musical career.

Flourishing artistically, Aileen taught herself the guitar, began to write music and perform with bluegrass artist Seth Morrison, study with renowned jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli, and record with Southern folk phenomenon Frank Carlier. The songs from this early period in her songwriting are astounding, often epic works of emotion that demonstrate an innate ability to communicate ideas and feelings through song. Today, Aileen has grown this gift into an unmatchable bounty of music, capturing the experience of love, growth and the essence of life through song.

No matter the size of the audience Aileen plays to, she relishes in her ability to connect with them emotionally. As an artist, Aileen heals, inspires, enriches lives, and provides comfort with a sense of community through her music.


Over You

Written By: Aileen Morgan

I loved you from the start
Your picture’s hung on the walls of my heart
If love measured in miles
We’d be on the moon just from your smile
But I can’t help it

I want to tell you the truth
I want to tell it to you
I want to tell you the truth
I am over you
I want tell you the truth
I want to tell you
I am over you oh oh oh
I am over you

We’re hanging on the wings of joy
We’re hanging but we’re getting destroyed
No this is not a phase
We’ve been dying in so many ways
But I can’t help it*

There’s not much left to say
We’ve been talking about this thing for days
And our hearts are just so sore
We’ve been talking about our hearts so sore
But I can’t help this*

Copyright Aileen Morgan 2003

Pretty Pictures

Written By: Aileen Morgan


Divine words right before your eyes
Interpretations spitting from your lips
But you don’t seem to hear them
Loudly trying to call
Giving you the answers but*

You can’t see anything but walls
All around you walls
They make you feel secure, secure
You painted pretty pictures of the sky
Girly painted them sky blue
So you don’t have to have a clue

Why not just put the past aside
Let it sleep then let it die
Be in the moment
And feel the journey out
The truth knows no doubt*

See your life as walking in your dreams
Free your heart and give it room to breath
Grow your love by giving it away
Give more when you’re afraid
In fear you will be broken
You will be broken if*


Copyright Aileen Morgan 2003

Room To Grow

Written By: Aileen Morgan

I'm thinking that the time has come
I'm seeing that the future's clear
I know that if I'm feeling scared
My faith will take away all my fears

My angels will not let me down
They're standing with me here and now
I know no matter what I do
I'll do my best to live in love and truth

And if I need to give myself a little more room to grow
If I need to give myself a little more space I know
It will be okay I'll find my way

This life is sometimes hard for me
Good endings may be hard to see
So I'll focus on what's in my reach
And seize the chance to set my spirit free *

This life this life
I'm just passing through
This life this life
I'm gonna do what I have to do *

Standing Next To You

Written By: Aileen Morgan

Standing Next To You

Quiet quiet my heart
Why ya beating so hard
Quiet quiet my heart
Why ya pounding so hard

Well maybe its because I’m
Cause I’m standing
Oh oh oh oh
Maybe it’s cause I’m standing next to you

Quiet quiet my mind
Just take your time
Quiet quiet my mind
Its gonna be alright
Now that I am
Cause I’m standing
Maybe it’s cause I’m standing next to you

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Are you really real
Are you really here
This just feels so right

I look into my heart
I listen to my mind
And I look deep down in your eyes
And I see the reason why
Why I’m standing
Why I’m standing
Why I’m standing next to you

And I know why I’m
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
And I’m so glad yeah
I love standing next to you


"Room to Grow" to be released in Summer 2010
"Aileen Morgan" EP 2004
"Gonna Make You Feel" 2002 (Airplay WVkR 91.3 FM)
"You Know Me" 1997

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Set List

Example of cover songs;
Natural Woman (Carole King)
Cecilia (Simon & Garfunkle)
Hand In My Pocket (Alanis)
Here Comes The Sun (Beatles)
Lay Down Sally (Clapton)
I'm The Only One (Etheridge)
One Love (Marley)
Holiday (Madonna)
All I Wanna Do (Crow)

1 Pretty Pictures
2 Escape
3 Believe
4 Your Breaths
5 I Am
6 Passion
7 What�s Wrong
8 My Love
9 Twice A Day
10 What You Do

11 Free Advice
12 Over You
13 Just Like This
14 Gonna Make You Feel
15 Waiting
16 Years
17 Make You Oh
18 There Goes My Soul
19 Love Alone
20 No In Between

song alternates
21 Heartbeat Away
22 Keeping To Myself
23 Could It Be You
24 The Enemy
25 Limbo
26 Superficial Affair
27 Oh You
28 Samantha
29 Talk Talk Talk
30 Life is a Train
31 Be Mine
32 Sitting Here
33 Forever and Truly
34 Along Comes You
35 Steal You Tonight
36 Use My Grace
37 Too Many Nights
38 September
39 Holding
40 Lessons in Love
41 Its Not Time
42 Have It All
43 Empty Love
44 Brui