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Aima's style of music and spokenword is best compared to freshly brewed soup that's hot & has flavor- she is UNIQUE. Engaging folks of different tastes, her art spans the genres of Hiphop to Reggae to Afrobeat all blended and drenched in Soul. A fan said, "I never liked rap till I heard you do it".


The first time you listen to Aima's music & spokenword, you get the feeling she's someone you already know and love, because in addition to the 'bounce wit me rhythms, the sing-along-loudly hooks and soul stirring lyrics, her personality shines as her beautiful spirit captivates the listener. With a lyrical prowress and poetic-type flow that reminds of greats like Lauryn Hill, yet somehow with an artistic genius, remains authentically "her own thing".

Making her world debut on the beautiful island called Victoria, off the west coast of Africa. She grew up in several different cities in Nigeria and has been shaped and sharpened, ready for wherever the circle of life takes her. And it brought her to the lively city of Worcester Massachusetts, where she went to college and excelled at every level and facet. She holds a Bachelors degree in biotechnology from Worcester State College and was inducted into several honors societies and won several awards in achievement both academically and in student activities. She also received a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Worcester for her volunteer work by tutoring young scholars. Along with a vibrant music life, she's a research scientist at a biotechnology company in Boston.

It is her amicability deeply infused with a need for humility, but far surpassed by an unquenchable desire to serve God that sets her apart. Having a musical background rooted in the church she quickly grasped the rudiments of music, leading a 60-member choir in high school by the age of 14. Today she's been sharpening those skills by developing her vocal abilities and perfecting the art of rap, all the while keeping at the forefront, the need for relevant and righteous lyrics. She currently graces the mic at many colleges, churches, concerts, clubs and other events and is working on a project.

Her musical and lyrical inspirations span a range of artists including Cece Winans, Lauryn Hill, Kirk Franklin, CrossMovement, Lisa Mcclendon, PapaSan, Marymary, MaryJ Blige, Tonex, Gladys Knight and India.Arie, though you'll quickly agree her music is like none other. Consider her a light, that shines through the mic.


The A-Chant

Written By: Aima

V1: Jehovah Jireh/ my provider/ His love is much sweeter than wine and apple cider/ He give you strength to run your marathon/ You gon’ love the way He’ll bless ya like Solomon/ His generosity’s beyond my comprehending/ I can’t understand it/ every morning His mercies are so so fresh n clean/ they relieve all my stress and pains/ I hear they call Him the King/ should be on the cover of the Source and Time magazine/ He rules over all things/ much respect to Jah/ who cut my chains off unlike a puppet with strings attached/ tell the enemy he’s met his match/ God’s priests and prophets can’t be touched/ the writings on the wall hieroglyphics sprayed painted in street graffiti/ Jehovah Nissi is with me/ me and my God we picture perfect/ take a shot son it’s a Kodak moment/ God’s got shoulders for me to lean on/ I stomp like Franklin/ Marymary broke the shackles/ now I got the chance to praise Him

Hook: Every ghetto every city/ lemme hear you say A-ay/ Becos you woke up this morning, you have a reason to thank Him/ say A-ay

V2: Give it up for the Lord above/ big up de 1 wey deh shower de love/ All nite long till we bust dawn/ put ur han inna the air if you Born again/ pon de radio/ spin the disc yo/ blondes and afros/ blast ya stereo/ me nuh de same since me met me savior/ all dem bad bad tings me nuh do again/ all dem bad bad places me nuh go again/ winna man no longer a sinner man/ make my life be sweet like cinnamon/ hope of ma generation/ bringing a wave of revolution/ if u feelin’ me now lemme hear u say A-ay

V3: Give thanks ya’ll/ cos the beggar on the street coulda been you yup/ neva know say God I serve is a wonder/ I call Him Yahweh/ Ancient of Days/ His love amazing/ He my shade when the times get hotter/ took my lil’ dream and made it bigger/ I’m a bad girl when it comes to serving the recipe/ His word is like bread to me/ as long as I got breath in me/ you can find me in a church/praising Him


Written By: Aima

V1: Some say its wack to be born again/ that I’m on crack and cocaine/ laughing at the way I be lifting my hands/ the way I be saying my prayers/ talking smack/ ‘bout stuff they don’t grab there’s a lack/ of the word of God/ my friend let us reason/ take a lesson from the seasons/ when you see the rain proceeding you gotta take shelter/ to your mama, you gotta love her/ to your papa, you gotta honor/ but how much more for the one that died for you?/ Jesus came along and took your sin/ Jesus rose again and now He reigns/ as I’m spreading the word no need for me to use no tactics/ Hell’s real and I’m telling you the fact is/ you gotta get out like you was running from the matrix/ I ain’t preaching religion or politics/ just the relationship/ with the most high God the clock ticks/ spend eternity in heaven of hell/ that’s the bell/ heaven’s my choice what’s yours? What course?/ the saints are marching on/ and the players are playing on/ but you better be ready/ when He comes for many/ this feeling is heavy

Hook: Heaven or hell?/ what’s it gon’ be mademoiselle?/ what you gon’ be slave or free?/ what you gon choose life or death?

V2: I take my time when I lay the ground/ ensure my doctrines sound/ the gospel many misunderstand/ getting it twisted/ making it complicated/ lives been getting wasted/ It’s really simple when you think about it/ God is God came God died God rose and set you free for reality/ His mercy saving souls universally/ get out the kitchen if it too hot/ on one condition you shut the door/ let go the rail and stand on your own/ you’ll get lost if you follow the crowd/ behold He comes now riding the clouds/ just ill the way He rocks the steer/ and I'm thrilled see the chariots with my name on the wheels/ gotta bring it like soul-4-real/ take off my shoes sit back and chill/ I feel the HolyGhost now/ there's a train coming/ only once stopping/ don't be out trippin/ don't be caught sleepin

Bridge: Choose life/ and I can promise you ain't never gon' die/ He is God not a man that He should lie/ Jehovah Adonai/ the I Am that I Am/ Lord you are what you are/ I praise what you are/ You better recognize brotha/ and harmonize heaven/ don't try to hide ever/ Jonah tried and 3days in a fish belly/ people die cos they starve as they lack knowledge
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Hem of His Garment

Written By: Aima


It's been 12 yrs and the flow won't cease
Already seen the doctors
they don't know what's wrong with me, they cannot heal my disease
but Jesus is in town today
I heard He gave the blind man sight
I heard He made the lame man walk
I know that he can make me whole
But how do I get to Him? Everybody's all around Him
I'll just creep up behind Him, then I'll reach out and touch Him

Chorus: I touched the hem of His garment
Felt the power flow through me
It's a miracle that I'm whole now, thank you Jesus, you're my hero
Please don't be mad with me Lord
Only you could heal my affliction
You said if we have faith you us the healing
so I believed it and I've received it, thank you


Then Jesus turned round, and I know He knows
and He's asking "who touched me?"
"The whole crowd is around you Lord" "we don't get what you're asking for"
said His disciples
But He kept looking round for who
so I came on forward trembling
and on my knees I fell at His feet, "Jesus it was me!"
When I told Him my story
He said to me "Daughter" "your faith made you whole now"
"Go in peace and be free now"


Singles - Downtown, The A-Chant, What it is
Introduction to God 101-(spoken word).
DJ Maestro 1, Street Mix 3 "Uh Oh"
Geronimo Mixtape Compilation, Worcester Artists.
93.1FM Worcester Community Radio
Tehilla Radio 98.1 and online streaming
Issac 98.1 Focus Broadcasting radio
RT Radio FM online- Feature Artist of the Month, May 06.
Numerous collaborations with artists/groups

Set List

(Set list usually depends on the type of event, be it music or spokenword)
Introduction to God 101- Spokenword
The A-Chant
The Word-Spokenword
What it is
~30mins (but can modify to fit requirements of show)