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"Focus Entertainment Group"

To Whom This May Concern:

My name is Alvin Lewis Jr. I am the President of Focus Entertainment Group ( Aima is an artist of Focus and I'm very proud that she chose to be with us. Her style is as original as her personality. Her flow is as smooth as the air we breathe. Her spirit is as strong as steel. Aima is the type of person you wouldn't expect much from, but she has surprises you wouldn't even think of. Not only is she a music artist who does Soul, Hip-Hop & Reggae, but she's also a bio-technology scientist, a college graduate and looking to get her masters soon. So you can only imagine the lyrics she would come out with, but it's the way she puts them together is what will shock you.
Besides producing her own tracks and writing them too, Aima, along with a few others, run their own venue sessions called Revolutions. The group schedules other artists to perform and Aima would host the shows. Some people would try to compare this artist to the likes of Lauryn Hill, Indie.Arie, and a few others. The truth is that the only person Aima can be compared to is Aima because she's one of a kind.
If you have any other questions about Aima, I can be reached through Focus Entertainment Group at (617) 642-2602. Thank you for your time and God bless. - Alvin D. Lewis Jr

"A woman of True Substance - Aima"

By Tendai Madawo

“Some say its whack to be born again… I am not preaching religion or politics just a relationship with the most high God…my feeling is heavy what’s you going to be slave or free what you going to chose…heaven or hell, life or death…you better recognize and harmonize brother…take your lessons from your season…I am spreading the word no need to use tactics…but you better be ready when he comes for many,” these are some of the lyrics to one of the songs from the one and only illest, hip, dynamic lyricist and young gospel/spoken word rapper/singer this generation has ever seen. Aima is her name. She speaks with a rasp in her voice. Her laugh is full and rich. It erupts when she is talking about her passion for music and what she does best which is to glorify God through her music. By listening to her speak one can only long for the same kind of passion and desire to learn more and understand that very individual that is God who makes her exudes confidence.

“I discovered all this by accident, a state college was having problems finding an artist and a local rapper invited me and then l said l would try out,” Aima has been ministering through performance poetry for about a year to date. But we know it’s not an accident. The master planner is at work. She has always been involved in the choir and at school and church but had never taken it seriously until recently. “My first and foremost reason for doing what I do is to give glory to God, expose the truth of who God really is. I want to open people’s eyes to the truth. I am introducing a new way of glorifying God which is spoken word and performance poetry”.
Born on the beautiful Island of Victoria, Lagos Nigeria off the west coast of Africa, Aima is one force to be reckoned with .Her influences range from Cece Winans, Lauryn Hill to Mary Mary and many more countless persons. Aima gladly shared with us an interesting story about an elderly woman who prophesied upon her life telling her she would do the work of God. She also had a vision she vividly remembers when she was 7 – 8 years old, an appearance of what seemed to be an angel and ever since she has been drawn to God. As much as her music ministers to everyday people it also ministers to her as she sings of real life experiences or things happening in the world like in one her songs namely “Tiramisu”. “I wrote this song for this girl from Hawaii. She sent and email and we started communicating back and forth, she poured out her life and shared with me her past which was troublesome. She got some healing out of listening to my music and inspired the lyrics and the song,” Tiramisu”, which means lift me up in French. It is a song that came out of her experiences and trying to discover who God is and what he wants us to do? She got some healing out of listening to my music.” Faithfulness is another song that touches on good’s faithfulness even in your worst state of mind it encourages you through difficult situation We asked Aima if she has ever thought of venturing into other genres of music like circular and she went on to tell us of an incident that happened when she was approached by a sought after music producer. ‘He called me up and told me he liked my style of music and was interested in working with me. He said I had the vibe and all but I had to tone it down a little bit because I had too much Jesus in me.” She then answered him and said if she toned it down then there would be no need for her to do what she does. She didn’t think it was right to take Jesus out her music. ”My music is about Jesus if it were not for him l would be nothing so l had to let that go”
She anticipates an album in February next year. She is hoping to collaborate with a few sisters and expose their stories. She writes her own songs and delivers it in her own style and she is not about to compromise her beliefs for a record deal. Now that’s pure demonstration for true dedication. No doubt she is by far a woman of substance. Her life starts and ends with the word. “To know him is to bury yourself in the word and have a solid foundation and not to have empty words. When you do that you allow the holy spirit to live and work with you”. Aima encouraged her fans to study the word of God and completely dedicate oneself to learning it and just allowing God to direct one’s life. ”I love my fans, and l relate to them and l do everything to give him glory. I am grateful that people take time to write to me and show me so much support and love. I am blessed in so many ways. I am humbled.”

I for sure will continue to keep an eye on her work for I cannot wait to see what she cooks up for us next but don’t just take my word for it , follow the link provided below and see the chills she gives. When she asks you to choose what is it going to be the life or death? Some people you can never do justice in words. Find out for yourself and let me know how she got to you. She is like a venomous snake that spits out poison that kills you instantly, her word…man….will change your life completely. Well she says “As long as I have breath you will find me in a church” and only a woman of true substance can say that.

Thank you Aima for taking time to answer our questions and we know that for sure your momentum will build up as you stand on the platform of truth. Blessing!!!!!!!!!

- Magazine, August Feature Artist.


Singles - Downtown, The A-Chant, What it is
Introduction to God 101-(spoken word).
DJ Maestro 1, Street Mix 3 "Uh Oh"
Geronimo Mixtape Compilation, Worcester Artists.
93.1FM Worcester Community Radio
Tehilla Radio 98.1 and online streaming
Issac 98.1 Focus Broadcasting radio
RT Radio FM online- Feature Artist of the Month, May 06.
Numerous collaborations with artists/groups



The first time you listen to Aima's music & spokenword, you get the feeling she's someone you already know and love, because in addition to the 'bounce wit me rhythms, the sing-along-loudly hooks and soul stirring lyrics, her personality shines as her beautiful spirit captivates the listener. With a lyrical prowress and poetic-type flow that reminds of greats like Lauryn Hill, yet somehow with an artistic genius, remains authentically "her own thing".

Making her world debut on the beautiful island called Victoria, off the west coast of Africa. She grew up in several different cities in Nigeria and has been shaped and sharpened, ready for wherever the circle of life takes her. And it brought her to the lively city of Worcester Massachusetts, where she went to college and excelled at every level and facet. She holds a Bachelors degree in biotechnology from Worcester State College and was inducted into several honors societies and won several awards in achievement both academically and in student activities. She also received a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Worcester for her volunteer work by tutoring young scholars. Along with a vibrant music life, she's a research scientist at a biotechnology company in Boston.

It is her amicability deeply infused with a need for humility, but far surpassed by an unquenchable desire to serve God that sets her apart. Having a musical background rooted in the church she quickly grasped the rudiments of music, leading a 60-member choir in high school by the age of 14. Today she's been sharpening those skills by developing her vocal abilities and perfecting the art of rap, all the while keeping at the forefront, the need for relevant and righteous lyrics. She currently graces the mic at many colleges, churches, concerts, clubs and other events and is working on a project.

Her musical and lyrical inspirations span a range of artists including Cece Winans, Lauryn Hill, Kirk Franklin, CrossMovement, Lisa Mcclendon, PapaSan, Marymary, MaryJ Blige, Tonex, Gladys Knight and India.Arie, though you'll quickly agree her music is like none other. Consider her a light, that shines through the mic.