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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Reggae


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"Aimee Allen One Sheet"

* Release debuted #27 on Billboards Heatseekers chart.
* Recently completed a nationwide tour with the likes of The Dirty Heads, Sugar Ray, Fastball, Telacasters and Dave Barnes.
* "On Vacation" reached #49 on the Billboard Hot AC charts and #39 on the Triple A radio charts.
* Has a branded iphone App available with music, news, a game, and weather and surf-condition information for fans in beach communities. This is App is being used by Apple for all of their iphone in store displays worldwide in both Apple stores and Best Buy.
* Was featured as a September “Babe of the Day” on
* Her song "Save Me" and "Crazy" is featured on all demo iPads and iPhones
* “On Vacation” video was a Freshman 5 feature at and the #1 video for 8 weeks straight on the California Music Channel (4.8 million viewers)
* Plays for “On Vacation” have amassed an audience of 3.5 million
* Aimee’s song “Cooties” is featured on the multi-platinum selling soundtrack to Hairspray
* Aimee is featured on Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Grammy Award nominated album Repentance
* Has a song “Emergency” featured on the soundtrack for Summit Entertainment’s Sorority Row
* Was recently featured on The Sundance Channel's "Elvis Costello's Inspiration Sessions"
* Aimee's song "Crazy" is featured in the upcoming theatrical release Lucky starring Colin Hanks
* "On Vacation" is currently the boarding song and featured in flight music for Delta and Continental Airlines
* Aimee's song "Calling the Maker" is currently a top download on the number one iphone App Tap Tap Revenge 3
* QVC is using "On Vacation" for their Bose product features on air.
* Bose is using "On Vacation" for all of their in store displays and demos at Best Buy and Target.
* "On Vacation" used in South Korean Commercial
* "A Little Happiness" used in South Korean Commercial
* Aimee's song "Days like This" is going to be featured in the upcoming feature film Mean Girls 2 - Side Tracked Records

"Aimee Allen "A Little Happiness""

"Happiness" is just as animated in its stories of heartbreak as its celebrations of getting over it, exemplified in both "Change in Weather" and the first single, "On Vacation." Yet there is an undercurrent of spiritual and social commentary throughout.- Tattoo Magazine/ Nov 2009 - Tattoo Magazine

""A Little Happiness" Review"

"12 well crafted acoustic guitar driven songs. If you're looking for a record that will help you relax and smile, "A Little Happiness" is your answer."
- Jake Round, AMP Magazine (Sep 23, 2009) - AMP Magazine

"Aimee Allen"

"A female Jack Johnson, adding a reggae lilt to her personal story-songs, if anyone deserves a little happiness it’s Allen"
- Bill Brotherton, The Boston Herald (Jul 31, 2009) - The Boston Herald

""A Little Happiness" Review"

"Aimee has made one of her artistic priorities to get people in a good mood and show them life is to be enjoyed. In times like these, people need to be reminded that life can be good and there is a way out of the darkness. Fans looking to be shown the way can start with her CD. "
- Lorraine Schwartz, The Examiner (Aug 10, 2009) - The Examiner

""A Little Happiness" Review"

"There's an unmistakable reggae-pop tinge to the proceedings, especially on such tracks as "Change in Weather" and "On Vacation". Little Happiness evokes summery vibes. Fans of light and tuneful reggae-pop should find a Little Happiness here. "
- Greg Prato, All Music Guide/ (May 21, 2009) - All Music Guide/

""A Little Happiness" A+"

"It’s hard to find a pop rock album that has a real sense of soul these days. So imagine my surprise in finding not only silky smooth vocals, but also poetic lyrics backed by exquisite music on A Little Happiness. Grade A+"
- Melissa Russell, Campus Circle (Aug 04, 2009) - Campus Circle

""A Little Happiness" Review"

"Aimee Allen's "A Little Happiness" is on my best of 2009 list."
- Joe Montague, Riveting Riffs (Nov 29, 2009) - Riveting Riffs

"Aimee Allen"

"Singer-songwriter Aimee Allen turns over a new leaf on her debut solo CD, “A Little Happiness,” released July 21. "
- The Daily Times/The Beachcomber (Jul 23, 2009) - The Daily Times/The Beachcomber

""A Little Happiness" Review"

"A Little Happiness is art. It’s a stunningly effective example of songwriting as art. In short, it delights, bleeds, woos, confesses, kicks your ass up and down the street then invites you in to chill a bit. No better company to keep. "
- Future Rock Soul (Jul 23, 2009) - Future Rock Soul

"Aimee Allen"

"with the recent release of her fantastic new album, things have never looked brighter for Ms Allen. "
- The Pier (Aug 04, 2009) - The Pier

""A Little Happiness" Review"

"This is a great summer album, perfect in every way for this season, but which will also sound good when listened to at any other time of the year. "
- Mirza Gazic, Blogcritics (Jul 17, 2009) - Blogcritics

""A Little Happiness" Review"

"Aimee’s new album, A Little Happiness is the quintessential summer soundtrack"
- (Jun 17, 2009) -

"Aimee Allen"

"On her latest release, Allen sounds more comfortable than ever before and the positive energy that she brings listeners is sure to help her stand out. "
- Chris Dahlberg, Cosmos Gaming (Jun 06, 2009) - Cosmos Gaming

""A Little Happiness" Review"

"There are many great songs on this album to be heard and Aimee Allen really has an amazing voice. Her voice on its own is just wonderful. Overall this is an album worth owning. In fact this is actually an album I would like to see released on vinyl."
- Flocked Media (Jun 14, 2009) - Flocked Media

"Aimee Allen"

"With a cute pop sound and a reggae meets alternative beat, Aimee Allen delivers a kick back and chill beach record. Her sound might remind you of Sublime, Katy Perry and Sheryl Crow, but definitely has her own signature style. "
- Toxic Flyer 'zine (May 05, 2009) - Toxic Flyer'zine

""A Little Happiness" Review"

"She comes off like a female Jason Mraz, particularly on the laid-back "Save Me" and the catchy "Change in Weather." Meanwhile, with "Crazy" she goes for a more soulful sound along the lines of Joss Stone."
- Jessica Simons, Caught in the Carousel (Apr 22, 2009) - Caught in the Carousel

"Aimee Allen at the Roxy Live Review"

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Aimee Allen,” the house DJ announced, “Give Aimee a big welcome!” The house lights went dim, the curtains went up and Aimee got to work. Sporting a blue shirt, red striped tank top (halfway through the show), rolled up jeans, and hair clipped, Aimee didn’t waste anytime and went straight for the gold. Her fiery eyes lit up the stage and when she opened her mouth, the place went silent to listen. She had everyone in her pocket from the start.

Aimee Allen is about to release her highly anticipated album, “A Little Happiness,” on June 9th and it will absolutely be her best effort to date. The album is a dynamically solid album that’s full of honesty, is home made and is definitely well-thought of and well-written. There’s a genuine texture to Aimee’s voice and conviction which makes the album really come alive and deliver on all levels. “A Little Happiness” is the type of record that needs to be heard so pick it up and give it a go, I promise you won’t regret a single minute of it.

“Thank you guys for coming out tonight,” exclaims Aimee, “Let’s go!” Most of the songs that Aimee performed were from her new album. Treating fans to an exclusive preview of new material, Aimee commanded the stage with great authority and strutted around to the music which then in turn encouraged people to get up, dance and have some fun. Aimee’s stage presence was undeniably strong and her confidence emanated from the stage, all the way to the back of the venue. No shoegazing moments here.

The enigmatically beautiful “Save Me” sounded immaculate. From the beginning drop of the guitar work, the song takes on a life of its own. With Aimee’s voice guiding the way, the song materialized into such a powerful song that people were compelled to groove along in a total trance. Aimee won the crowd over with this ditty and loosened up the room quickly. The boisterous “On Vacation” with its reggae overtones swung the crowd some more and put smiles on almost everyone in the room. Notice how I say almost? Yup, I’m referring to the jaded L.A. crowd who actually got the memo by the end of Aimee’s set. Good job Aimee.

Aimee’s beautiful rendition of “Santeria” took center stage as the opening riff filled the room with curiosity. By the time she got to the first chorus, Aimee had the place in her hands, singing along word for word. Aimee truly captured the essence of the song and sung the lyrics straight from the heart. It was a magical moment in her set.

“A Little Happiness” was Aimee’s crowning moment of the night. She seemed overly excited to sing this one and was really in it, eyes closed and all. Probably was the only song where she took it down a bit and just let it all hang out like nobody else was in the room with her. She gleamed bright and mighty at that point.

I also have to give props to the band for also giving it up as well. They had everything under control and as Aimee’s backbone, they did a great job doing what they do. I also like the touch of two backup singers, I was not expecting that!

I do have one complaint but it’s pretty selfishly minor. I really wanted to hear “La La Land.” That’s the song that caught my attention first but oh well, I’m sure that song will make its way onto the set at some point so I’m hoping to catch that one live maybe the next time I see her. Takin’ requests Aimee?

The truth about Aimee is that she is a well rounded performer, singer-songwriter. She gives it 110% in everything she does, onstage and off, leaving no doubts why you came to see her perform or why you bought her record. She is completely at one with herself onstage which truly is a spectacle to witness and her sole principle is to give you, the audience, a show worth dropping pennies for.

Aimee’s live performance was nothing short of great. It was vital, fun, and not a dull moment at anytime. The real plus of this is that Aimee sounded exactly the way she does on her record but better and in the flesh. So if you’re wondering next time whether you should come out to check her sounds live, you should, you’d be missing out if you didn’t. - Frantik Magazine

"Aimee Allen"

When Aimee Allen burst onto the scene she was full of piss and vinegar and wasn’t afraid to show her angst through her music. However, in 2008 she fell victim to a gang attack that left her for dead, and Aimee reevaluated life and began to find inspiration in the simplicity of just living life. The end result of her revelation is her brand new album “A Little Happiness.” With a new initiative, Allen set out to make a feel good album full of feel good songs. Her reggae-influenced style combined with positive lyrics is sure to catch attention. Early in the album you’ll find Aimee presenting an outstanding cover of Unwritten Law’s “Save Me,” and midway through the album she takes on Sublime’s “Santeria,” but as great as her take on the familiar songs are that’s not where this album truly shines. Tracks like “On Vacation” proudly display a super positive message in the lyrics as she sings “Everything is cool, everything is fine” and it is the positive vibes that embrace you and pull you through the album. Songs like “A Little Happiness” is an older song of hers that she has reworked, and instead of it being full of anger it now presents a newfound happiness within the lyrics. She shows a more spiritual side then she has in her past with cuts like the darker “Calling The Maker” and the album closer “God Talks.” It is always a good thing, especially in the world we live in right now, when an artist finds something positive in life and wants to share it with the world the way Aimee Allen has. This is the type of album that beyond the music, is one that can be a permanent spin on the IPOD’S for those people that are feeling alone, beaten down by life, etc...and act as a glimmer of hope. - Guest List Magazine

"Aimee Allen "A Little Happiness" Review"

A soul sometimes finds itself in the worst of days and comes out stronger, wiser and well, a little more happy. In the case of Aimee Allen, this is nothing but the truth. Aimee has gone through a refinement of the soul after a horrific incident, which left her badly beaten, and has come up with an album that not only represents her in the best light, but also represents her as a musician who is on top of their game. Hence the album title, aptly named, A Little Happiness. The album is a well crafted, dynamically sound, home made, honest type of album that is stripped down to it’s bare essentials and performed with an open heart. The truthful message of “Save Me” brings you back down to earth and the dizzying melodic chorus is right on. Aimee’s vocals soar in her superb rendition of Sublime’s “Santeria” and I totally loved every second of it. I bet Bradley is smiling up in heaven. “La La Land” brings everything into perspective, mixing it up with reggae, astral lyrics and candy-coated dreamy passages. Title track “A Little Happiness” showcases Aimee’s powerful but delicate voice over searing acoustic guitars coupled with Aimee’s spirited lyrical delivery. A Little Happiness is built on great arrangements and compositions, thanks to Aimee’s musical talents and determination to get it done. The raw, passionate feel of the record goes beyond any other album that Aimee has done from her previous past and to me, is a statement of Aimee’s life, where it’s at now and where it’s headed. If you have any doubts about picking up this record, especially if you’re an older fan, put your doubts to sleep. This record needs to be heard.

By: Gian Erguiza - Frantik Magazine

"Aimee Allen Review"

A Little Happiness
Track Listing: Change In Weather, Save Me, On Vacation, Crazy, Calling The Maker, Santeria, Silence is Violence, La La Land, A Little Happiness, Lean Into Me, God Talks
Rating: 6 stars

Ok, so I just got done listening to the new Black Label Society cd & I was in this pure metal mood...all pumped up, & I saw the next cd I had to review was the new Aimee Allen cd "A Little Happiness" & the picture of Aimee on the cd cover has her playing an acoustic guitar, her hair is kinda messy, she has deep red lipstick on & she's wearing a striped a word, she's cute as a button in that grunge sorta style....I'd say the pic of her on the front of this cd is a sanitized Courtney Love...Aimee looks very cool, decadent, messy, but the thing that separates her from the Courtney Love look is that she doesn't look like a heroin addict! Ok, so I pop this cd into the player & the first song I hear is "Change in Weather" which is part reggae/part vaudeville, yet it's all acoustic! I'm liking what I heard thus far & make it to track 2, then 3, then 4...there's a quirky, stripped down cover of "Santeria" by Sublime, the music is all acoustic driven, Aimee's voice is angelic, I think her looks on the cd cover offer a good alternating dynamic to what you hear on this might expect her to scream each song based on her looks, yet she's got a beautiful voice, each song is an opus to heartfelt originality & the closing track, "God Talks" reminds me of going to church on a Sunday morning...this is a great, very solid, amazingly well written cd & I will emphasize, this is NOT a hard rock or metal release, it's simple music with intense emotions, played in a melodic yet instrumental style that makes you wanna listen to each song from start to finish! -

"First Impressions Aimee Allen"

First Impressions is a segment where we let you into our early thoughts on a highly anticipated album, This week, we have our early views on Aimee Allen’s A Litter Happiness. It drops May 19th.

Being a victim of any crime has a tendency to change one’s outlook on life. For Aimee Allen it meant recording and releasing an album that had a bit of a brighter outlook on life. For her new release, creatively titled, A Little Happiness, Allen mixes covers and originals for a summer ready mix that does what the title states. This is a summer record. Even the more dark themed,”Save Me,” originally performed by Unwritten Law, has a nice, for lack of better word, happy, feel to it. There’s even a light hearted feel to Allen’s voice, but it’s when that voice meets positive chord progression that the real appeal to the album is felt. It’s not in your face with the happiness, but rather creates a sonically pleasing environment that you won’t want to leave anytime soon. This release may not drop for another month and a half, but wow, it’s surely got us hooked. - Under the


"A Little Happiness" LP/STR/Ada, Scott and Aimee "Sitting in a Tree" LP/STR, "I'd Start a Revolution" LP/ Elektra, "Cooties", Single- Hairspray Soundtrack, "Ron Paul Revolution" Single, "I'm Here", Single - Pretty Ugly People Soundtrack
"On Vacation" Single, "Emergency" Single- Sorority Row Soundtrack



Anybody can have their “rock,” “punk” or “folk” phase...real artists transcend boundaries and genres so gracefully that their fans hardly blink an eye. Aimee Allen is that type of songwriter. The explosive, outspoken voice behind modern rock monsters “Revolution” and “If It Feels Right” (not to mention contributions to the Grammy-nominated Hairspray soundtrack and multiple best-selling, critically-acclaimed artists) unveils a more serene side of her personality on A Little Happiness. Despite her decision to record the album in the depths of a desolate Indiana winter, Happiness radiates her sense of home in the California sunshine. Its 11 introspective, largely acoustic tracks conjure the simple bliss of a drive down to the Pacific.

The record may define chill, but its conception was anything but. After separating with boyfriend and collaborator Scott Russo of Unwritten Law (Scott & Aimee delivered the scathingly sensual cult hit Sitting in a Tree in 2007), Allen’s quest to embark on her solo project was interrupted by a random gang assault outside of an L.A. recording studio last summer. “I never thought I would be able to sing again,” she remarks. “I have some memory loss, too, which is great. Turns out getting nearly beaten to death was probably the greatest thing that ever happened to me.” Allen did recuperate, recovering just in time to perform her songs for punk-rock Presidential candidate Ron Paul before a sold-out arena in Minneapolis. Still, the lingering effects of post-traumatic stress disorder altered her outlook on music. “Anything that was distorted, loud or angry overloaded my senses,” she says. Reggae always makes me happy, so this record has a lot of that sprinkled in, and I’m excited that I made a record where I can smile and dance onstage, instead of scream at people every night.”

Allen is proud that her album is free of production shortcuts, refreshingly simplified and eschewing the synthetic for the organic. Happiness is just as animated in its stories of heartbreak as its celebrations of getting over it, exemplified in both “Change in Weather” and “On Vacation.” Yet, there is an undercurrent of spiritual and social commentary throughout. “Calling the Maker” (which features one of the few samples on the album, taken from one of the first instances of recorded sound in the United States) is her plea for mercy on Judgment Day. Allen confronts organized religion while exposing her own naked fallibility in “God Talks,” and in “Save Me” (co-written with Linda Perry), implies that no one can change her but God.

The title of the record really says it all....on A Little Happiness, she courageously explores the reaches of elation and despondency, but never strays too far from the healthy, cautious optimism that defines her signature autobiographical storytelling. Allen’s strongest collection of songs to date honors the painful journey she took to create them. "I've made a lot of lyrically shocking and dark music in the past. But once you have a brush with death, things change. I'm just stoked I've made a record that shines a little light, ya know?"