Aimee Bayles

Aimee Bayles


She's soulful, calming, deep, and her melodies touch the soul. One listen to Aimee Bayles, and you quickly realize her talent is much more than a fly by night sensation.


You walk into a local bar, not really paying attention to the surroundings. The atmosphere is chill. The lights are low. The drinks are flowing, and music playing. You are talking with friends and having a good time, but it doesn't take you long to realize what is setting the mood of good cheer in the place. A soulful and beautiful voice begins to sing as the guitar plays. It's Aimee Bayles serenading the audience with passion and depth flowing through every lyric. You quickly understand how her voice commands an audience. Aimee Bayles has always wanted to light up stages with her voice. She began playing guitar and writing songs as a way of expressing herself. From northern VA originally, she now resides in Richmond, VA. She has played all around the region, from coffee shops to fine dining, to Toad's Place-one of Richmond's largest venues. Her music is influenced by artists like The Beatles, Coldplay, Lisa Loeb, Ben Harper, Waterdeep, and others. She grew up in church singing with the praise band, which has influenced her great sense for harmony and later received a Vocal Performance Degree from VCU. Her versatile voice as been used with choirs and operas. She is not just a voice, she is a true musician, with genuine skill and passion for what she does. She wants to sing her heart out and share music with the world.



Written By: Aimee Bayles

February, missing the old and familiar
Singing the songs that remind me
Of the days gone by.

February, I never knew what you brought me
I never felt such a cold wind
Touch my face.

La da da da...

February, I lay awake under moonlight,
And I wonder to myself just how high
He could be.

February, kiss me and hug me when I'm blue
Tell me, cause I want to hear you,
Say it's all ok.

Will you take me through?
Will you hold on, too?
I just want this time
To change.


Demo 2005, The Lemon Song, Thinking of You, Speak to Me, More, Broken

Demo 2007, Out in the Rain, February, Speak to Me, Fatuity

Set List

Typical set lists for a 45 minute-1 hour sets would include:

The Lemon Song
Speak to Me
Thinking of You
Out in the Rain
I Only Wish


Blossom's Blues (Blossom Dearie)
Oh Darling (The Beatles)
Ophelia (The Band)
Baby Can I Hold You Tonight (Tracy Chapman)
Mexico (Jump Little Children)
Summertime (Standard)Blue Skies (Standard
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Warning Sign (Coldplay)

I can play many more standards as well, and I am currently working with a band on many other covers.

I can play up to 3 45 min-1hr sets.