Aimee Linn Band

Aimee Linn Band


An amazing female fronted three piece band with a big sound fitting for both large and small venues. Aimee Linn is a real rock and blues lead singer with a powerful voice like no other. This sure "ain't no chic band" this is a crowd pleasing band with an awesome and fine tuned live experience.


Whether it is an original or a cover tune, the Aimee Linn Band can electrify their audience with that unique flavor they add to all their songs. The music they perform makes you just want to get up and dance. With such a potent and full sound it’s hard to believe that it originates from a three piece band. Whether it’s at the most popular resort that hosts the biggest spring break party in Southwest Florida, or in the back room of one of most colorful and historic pubs in Matlacha, the Aimee Linn Band has the goods to get the crowd, young or old, up on their feet and shouting for more. With material as diverse as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, Sarah McLachlan and Fleetwood Mac, to Nirvana and Pearl Jam, the Aimee Linn Band will surprise you with each song. Another huge highlight of this incredible band is an awesome selection of psychedelic 60’s covers from such amazing artists as Janis Joplin, Steppenwolf, The Stones and Jefferson Airplane. An array of breathtaking blues, both originals and covers, fully complete this bands song list.

At the heart of the Band is the rich and soulful voice of Aimee Linn Burns. Aimee Linn’s voice is matched only by her exceptional guitar playing. Acoustic or electric it is evident that she has honed her guitar sound to complement her unique vocal and musical range. Whether she’s playing Clapton, Hendrix or the Edge, it’s easy to see that she has mastered the greats and added her own vivacious touch.
Hailing from Clawsen, Michigan, a suburb just outside of Detroit, Aimee Linn grew up listening to such notable Motown artists as Aretha Franklin, The Platters, and Diana Ross. Tom Jones, Elvis Presley and John Denver were particularly strong influences and favorites that were played often in the Burns household. Watching the popular TV show “Sonny and Cher” would later prove to be very significant in shaping Aimee Linn’s powerful voice. A voice that is so intoxicating it reaches down to stir a deep well of emotion. Aimee Linn got her first guitar at the age of seven when her father took her to a music store in Detroit. As soon as they walked in the door she was speechless and overcome with a burning desire to play. She told him “I just have to play the guitar” and agreed to take lessons so he would buy her this first guitar. At twenty one, Aimee Linn gave her first live performance, an extraordinary rendition of Amazing Grace, at a small church in Fort Myers, Florida. The pastor and his wife, who was an incredibly talented musician, were vital in supporting and nurturing Aimee Linn’s new found gift for music. For the next fifteen years Aimee Linn struggled with severe stage fright but did manage to perform occasionally at a few local bars, restaurants and charitable events. In 2001 Aimee Linn met and began collaborating with the exceptionally talented bass player Molly Brown. Molly is a self taught bassist originally from Arkansas that definitely has music in her soul. The two quickly acquired a one hundred plus song list and began playing with a drum machine around the Fort Myers area. In the summer of 2006 the pair hooked up with drummer Tim Kelley and immediately began playing several times a week. Tim was born and raised in Ohio and is an avid Buckeyes fan. He is a remarkably gifted drummer and does an excellent job in synchronizing and keeping such a talented band firing on all pistons. In February 2007 the Aimee Linn Band released its first cd titled Sic’ In The Head. This cd contains nine original tracks and can be purchased along with T-Shirts and other items at any of the bands upcoming shows.


Sic' In The Head - Released February 2007

Set List

Typical Example of 1 Hour Set List:

Magic Carpet Ride, Fire, Richie Blues, Me and Bobby McGee, What Is and What Should Never Be, Paint It Black, White Rabbit, American Woman, Hard to Handle, Addict, Come As You Are, Californication, and Sic' In The Head