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"AIMES at Brooklyn Bowl"

. - Impose Magazine

"The Deli's 4th NYC B.E.A.F. (Best of Emerging Artists Fest)"

Wednesday May 23

Brooklyn Bowl - $5

10:00 Zambri
9:00 Caged Animals
8:00 AIMES - The Deli Magazine

"Aimes – Step Away"

What do you get when ethereal sounding synth leads collide with classic funky bass grooves? I haven’t quite figured it out, but I’m pretty sure you get this awesome new jam by Brooklyn-based producer Aimes. This indie dance gem provides us with some chill Nu Disco vibes, while still managing to keep the energy high, and killer vocals with a tastefully executed pop music feel. I also want to take note of how dope Chordashian’s remix of this track is. Perfect music for the beautiful Spring weather happening lately, enjoy friends! - Remix86

"Track of the Day; 036 // AIMES ~ Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended"

Alabama-born Aman Ellis releases a new EP at the end of June under his AIMES moniker. The first song to be released from the record is the subtle yet fascinating Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended, a track which drifts along on a simmering summer vibe before a dreamy and restrained vocal takes the track somewhere far more relaxing and withdrawn. A track to truly lose yourself in, fingers-crossed the rest of the EP holds up to the quality found here. We having a feeling it will. Find out on June 26th when Beautiful Decay is released. - GoldFlakePaint

"Aimes’ ‘Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended’"

Hot on the heels of his new single, ‘Step Away’, Brooklyn based Chilly-Synthwaver Aimes is already planning the release of his new EP for TEEEL’s Synthemesc imprint. The ‘Beautiful Decay’ EP is out later this month but we can check out the lead track right now.

‘Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended’ is a beautiful, atmospheric peice that brings as cosmic, and quite lonely vibe to the table. Spacious and multi-layered, this is a tune that sparks the imagination. From it’s undulating, intertwining arpeggios, to it’s distant leads and haunting vocals, this track really is somewhere in space hanging suspended, and it takes you there. A nice mix of ElectroPop, Indie-Electro and Chillwave Aimes’ EP should be something to look forward to. - Electronic Rumors

"An upLIFTing Experience"

We caught a DJ set from Aman Ellis, the talented Brooklyn-based artist behind Aimes who would play on Saturday. His set really caught my ear. It was somewhat downtempo with a touch of space disco and was perfect to sit and relax to. After “liking” Aimes on Facebook, I found out he describes his style as “space hype” and thus discovered my new favorite genre of EDM.

We caught Greg D followed by Aimes in the early afternoon. Sunshine and smiles abound at the Main Stage, as fans got down to some upbeat disco tunes. Both acts had a sense of effortlessness to their styles and were perfectly placed by the organizers.

Aimes featured live drums and guitar over samples, which was something I – and the rest of the crowd – really dug. Their set was one of my favorites of the weekend and a sleeper good time. - Headstash

"AIMES – Somewhere in Space We Hang Suspended"

Those of you with a soft spot for other-wordly electronica: mark your calendars for June 26th. Why? well, because it marks the release of Brooklyn-based producer AIMES‘ highly anticipated Beautiful Decay EP out on TEEL’s Synth Records label.

We just got a hold of the album’s debut single, an uplifting synth driven masterpiece, fittingly titled “Somewhere in Space We Hang Suspended” and it has upped our level of anticipation quite significantly.

AIMES‘ unorthodox approach to synth-wave space pop walks a fine line between intergalactic psychedelia and feel good Pictureplane-esque 80s era television show theme song, but somehow manages to always pull the opposing styles together in a perfectly sensible way.

“Somewhere in Space We Hang Suspended” has the ability to transport you to the farthest reaches of your creativity. It’s one of those tracks that motivates you, enlightens and encourages without needing any deep lyrics to get the point across. Looking to relive that “it’s the last day of 5th grade, let’s rock it out at field day and eat Popsicles all day” type of feeling? This right here will definitely do the trick. - The Get Downnn


Beautiful Decay, EP - June 2012
Step Away, EP - May 2012
Your Floor Is Now A Tree, LP - 2011
Every Time I See You, EP - 2011



AIMES is the production moniker and musical alter ego of Alabama born,
Brooklyn resident, Aman Ellis. Aman entered into the world of electronic music almost by mistake. After years of searching for his sound on the guitar, many of which involved him trying to make his guitar sound like a synthesizer, he opted to trade the two. Now armed with a plethora of gadgets and toys, Aman spends his time bridging the divide between the organic tones of his past and the lush oscillations in his present.

His adventuresome style of synth-wave space pop explores vast sonic
territories, keeping a close affinity to other-worldly psychedelia and
interstellar weirdness.