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Aimless Pursuit


Aimless Pursuit is a Philadelphia area Acoustic String Band that performs, Contemporary, and Original: Bluegrass, Old Time, County Blues, and Western Swing music. We are an entertaining, vocally focused band and brand our music Pennsylvania Bluegrass. - 610-623-5943


Aimless Pursuit is a Pennsylvanian Bluegrass Band living in the Philadelphia area. We are a 4-piece group that features traditional acoustic bluegrass instrumentation consisting of Upright Bass, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, and Harmonica, and are influenced by Hot Rize / Red Knuckles and the Trailblazers, Old Crow Medicine Show and Old and in the Way.

We call our music Pennsylvania Bluegrass. This allows Aimless Pursuit to perform a wide ranging style embracing Bluegrass Tradition with our Pennsylvania Roots. Our show is accessible to both novice and experienced listeners of roots style music.

Aimless Pursuit members are experienced and trained musicians. We concentrate on multi-part harmonies, interesting arrangements and a humorous, engaging, and energetic performance.

A Pennsylvania festival organizer and DJ calls us, "ambassadors of bluegrass", as we can bring in novice listeners buy adapting familiar songs to the bluegrass format in a method we call Adaptograss. He also stated that when we take the stage we are, "Hard to ignore, in a good way!". Feedback generally is that people like to watch us as much as listen to our song selection, a combination of the traditions of bluegrass and the adaptation of songs we grew up with in the 60's through the 80's.

We understand that the audience is King and that 3rd generation listeners, those 40-65 in age, often grew up listening to rock and roll and pop music. By adding some emotive stylings and dramatic arrangements to both traditional and contemporary bluegrass forms, Aimless Pursuit works to provide a change of pace from other traditional styled bands.

Contact: Brian 610-623-5943,


Aimless Pursuit has produced a CD called Paradise at Last and is available on CD-BABY and I-Tunes. Samples and information are on our web site at

Set List

The Aimless Pursuit Set List changes with the Venue we are playing. Typically featuring standard bluegrass tunes mixed with songs adapted to bluegrass, called Adaptograss. We cover a wide range of Bluegrass, Country Blues, Old Time, Western Swing, Original and JamGrass Styles.

Examples of songs we perform are:
Wagon Wheel (Contemporary)
CC Rider (Old Time Country Blues)
Dixie Cannonball (Western Swing)
I've Just Seen a Face (Adaptograss)
Midnight Moonlight (Contemporary)
I Know You Rider (Original Jamgrass Arrangement)
Me and Opie (Humour/Novelty)
Mister Wrong (Humour/Novelty)
If I Lose (Traditional)
Man of Constant Sorrow (Original Arrangement)
Let Jesus Make you Breakfast (Contemporary Swing)
Tell it to me (Contemporary Old Time)
Paradise at Last (Original)
Oh my Achin' Head (Original)
Say Won't You be Mine (Traditional)
Just Like You (Contemporary Bluegrass Ballad)
Dead Flowers (Adaptograss)
When I Paint my Masterpiece (Adaptograss)
We are always adding,