Aine B

Aine B


Talented song writer,dancer, young,cute unique vocals and very charming!


I love all sorts of music especially R&B, Pop and chillout.

I find it hard to stop singing and love writing new stuff when I am not studying for School!
Oh by the way, I am 16 from little owl Dublin Ireland.

I use to do quite a lot of hip hop dancing & singing and headlined my hip hop club dancing, singing at many competitions.

I recently self thought myself the Guitar and play it to new music that I write and sing. I have not being in a studio yet but done the one last time recording at home which was a bit weird wearing headphones and singing to a Friend of the families who edits and records music!

So I'll keep trying and see what happpens!


just my current song,"One Last Time" I need to buy kit to get the rest recorded in a studio ..

Set List

Not doing concerts at the moment, need a few musicians to get a group together