Aine Duffy

Aine Duffy

 Cork, Munster, IRL

uplifting,upbeat,energetic, with soulful, acrobatic controlled poetic vocals.


Aine has travelled the world buiding and captivating a fan base, she has a huge vocal and irrepressible stage presence.
With a unique guitar style. Playing in all venues and with amazing musicians, she is releasing her album in a few weeks with help from sonci audio dublin, and many in NYC and LA. It goes to press in two weeks.


Ask john

Written By: Aine Duffy

Take off your watch,
It scrapes my back,
Soft and low,
Is it how you like to act?
But it could be a little secret,you and john and I could keep it,itcould be a little secret you and John.
So, Ask John(x3)

YOu let me in ,Thats when the intake began again, the decrepit house seemed to stand,in a kinda daze, reflecting as it were, my own insecure stake.

For I could not help relizing, as my feet touched the springy ground. I'd overdone the stimulation business. my mind was nowhere to be found.


Written By: Aine Duffy

When the rain i on your face, and the wind is at your back.
YOu've had it for too long. Now I want it back.
Want it back.(x3)
Paperback is better won't let you forget her, paperback.


Album due to release in two weeks.

Set List

Ask john, shiver, no conscience at all, been and gone, some mothers son,in a day, recycle mend, staccato, six hours,paperback...all original

cover depend on where the gig is held... from betty davis, curtis mayfield, audio slave, dead kennedys, erykah badu , uptown top ranking etc etc.