Buffalo, New York, USA

Indie Art rock Music


Buffalo based Psychedelic Indie Art Rock band Aircraft make catchy pop tunes embedded with layers of thoughtful lyrics reminiscent of the past present and future. Founded somewhere between time and space Aircraft revolves around the observations of songwriter Justin John Smith. Years of experimental drug use combined with a deep interest in the mystical have created a unique take on the nature of reality that is expressed through the songcraft. Along with artistic minds; lush vocal harmonies, and swirling guitars (Ty Skelton); the melodic bass lines (James Warren); and powerful drumming (Matt Cosmann); the group creates the perfect atmosphere for a powerful psych-art-rock experience.

Aircraft released their debut album (((Sonic Boom))) in 2013 receiving enthusiastic reviews and prompted a promotional tour throughout the northeast. The band released ((7 Gems from the Sparkling Void)) late 2015 and toured the northeast once again to promote the album.  The album received many great reviews and was a popular play on college/underground radio stations across US and UK.

Aircraft has continued to become a favored act at many regional music festivals including the Night Lights Fall Music Festival and NXNE in Toronto. The band has also played in support of several national touring bands including Thee Oh Sees, Plants and Animals, Wildlife, Electric 6, Caveman, White Mystery, and Ty Segall.

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Written By: Aircraft

speeding through outer space
at cosmic velocity
emitting some kind of light
she collides with me

i'm the spinning earth
she's a meteorite
burning in my atmosphere

crashed into my soul
beautiful tidal wave
extinction of the old
shifting my tectonic plates

i'm the spinning earth
she's a metorite
burning in my atmospere

you're the falling star
lighting up my room
when i fall asleep at night
i fly away with you

float through hyperspace
at the speed of sound its me and you
sonic boom

i'm the spinning earth
you're a meteorite
burning in my atmosphere


Written By: Aircraft

Every strain of her DNA
Every particle every wave
are sirens singing from outer space
I hear them calling me
I dreamt the future I saw her name
I dug her bones from a dreamy grave
One thousand years beyond decay
Sadness hollowed me

The sun will swallow all our bones
The moon is silent I think it knows
Our lives are pictures that frame our souls
I studied your fossil I've slept in your holes

Collect the pieces that fall from you
If it breaks I'll fix it new
I've got the tools I've got the glue
'Cause you're a part of me
Sitting still like a photo booth
A flash of light I capture you
Your hologram reveals a truth
Deep inside of me

crumbling crumbling, it turns to dust watch it blow away
fleeting, fleeting, chasing sunlight in the pouring rain

It's a photograph of flowers growing through a dogs remains
It's a hundred crows descending on a worm after it rains
It's the light of truth that shows us pain
It's a cosmic joke on an earthly plain
It's the crumbling of a wall after having just been built
It's the rising tides of love
It's the falling tides of guilt
It's the healing of our wounds after all the blood's been spilt
It's knowing everyone you love is gonna wilt

Rising While I Fall

Written By: Aircraft

I thought about myself in a future haze
A memory of the past coming through in waves
Looking in the mirror with nothing much to say
Staring at myself until i start to fade
Move a million miles away while I'm standing in place
I flicker in and out getting wasted on space
In the center of the now is where emptiness plays
The future of the past bubbles pop in my brain

Rising while i fall I'm rising while i fall

I thought about myself floating around in the past
All Memories are strange satellites that have crashed
The scattered debris rising up from the ash
I'm Hitting the breaks while I'm hitting the gas

Sneaking little glimpses at the sun
Peeling off layers of rusted life
Setting free the birds from the cage of thought
Filling in my space with layers of light

Space Euphoria

Written By: Aircraft

I found myself "spaced-out" in your bedroom
I found myself "spaced- out" in your room
an astronaut in your bedroom
way out in space in your room

I find myself in a new field of gravity
I find myself wearing nothing at all
I look around surveying the scenery
I'm governed by a new "set of laws"

Space Euphoric sweet elation
lost inside this deprivation

I find myself in new state of logic
I find myself under your control
I find myself breathing air through my eyelids
I find myself getting deep space stoned

I find myself on a mission of madness
I find myself watching comets explode
I find myself pulling stars from your space lips
I find myself never going back home

Space Euphoric sweet elation
lost inside this deprivation


2012 - Sonic Boom

2015 - 7 Gems from the Sparkling Void