Aire Rayne

Aire Rayne

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A fresh, classic and young sound. Refined with influences of pop, jazz, soul and r&b. Aire Rayne delivers dynamic vocals with original music and a great stage show. Artists like Miss Rayne are the future of music.


Aire Rayne's fluid sound will leave you with a listening experience unlike any other. With her refreshing voice and classic style Miss Rayne captivates you with passionate lyrics and unique melodies. Delivering a full spectrum of sound, Aire Rayne encompasses an ecletic mix of pop, rock, r&b and jazz.
Aire Rayne draws her inspiration from an array of vintage and modern day divas such as Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn to Mariah Carey and Gwen Stefani.

Aire Rayne is a seasoned vocalist performing for crowds of thousands over the years. She has studied music all her life and continues to make beautiful music with producer Reginald York or Avalanche Productions.

Growing up near the Bay Area Aire Rayne was surrounded by a mixture of differing cultures, styles and music. Appreciating all aspects of musical thought, Aire Rayne never let her self be defined by any pop culture genre.

Miss Rayne stayed true to her musical passions ready to rock in a mosh pit or soak in a beautiful opera.
Definitely different from the rest you can catch the "Aire" side strumming a guitar or the Rayney part of her crooning in a jazz club.

From loving rock, punk, emo and country to pop, hyphy, soul and jazz she continues to break the myth that you have to be defined in way...


Streaming Tracks available on
Radio play on 90.7 KFSR
"Let it Rayne" 2007 Demo
1. Now You Know
2. Let it Rayne
3. Crush
4. Love Won't Love Me
5. Butterflies

Full length EP to be released Summer 2008

Set List

Sets are assembled based upon event.

Sets range from 30min to 90min.

Wide array of original material up to 15 song set.

Cover songs available upon request. Diverse range of modern pop, rock, r&b, other. Very familiar with a variety of Jazz standards. Also available for the National Anthem and other Americana classics.