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"Aires and Graces, "What Happened to the Kids?""

"Top notch! Seriously, this band is the goods. You know when you have that one friend who doesn't like "street punk" stuff, but you try to convince them that they just haven't heard the right band? This is one of 'em! Seriously, you need to check these guys out."-- Maximum RocknRoll 314 - Maximum Rock N Roll

"Aires and Graces, "Hope and Fortitude""

"I'm happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the catchy and upbeat songs on this! In total, all six clock in at just under eleven minutes, so they are not plodding at all. and the music is fast and the guitars are incredibly crisp with minimal distortion. The best comparison I can come up with is THOSE UNKNOWN and if you are familiar with them, then you know that this band is really, really good!" -- Maximum RocknRoll 307 - Maximum Rock N Roll

"Aires and Graces, "What Happened to the Kids?""

"It seems like I’m reviewing at least one Longshot record in every issue. Trust me, I don’t mind in the least. There are some great bands on the label and Aries And Graces seem to fit in just fine with the likes of Alternate Action and Harrington Saints: straight-forward street punk that’s played well." -- Razorcake 52 - Razorcake

"Aires and Graces, "Hope and Fortitude""

"[Aires and Graces] music is stripped down, and minimalist in a really good way. Somewhere between 80s Oi and pub rock, these songs are short, to the point and anthemic."--Give Me Back 5 - Give Me Back

"Aires and Graces, "Hope and Fortitude""

"Highlighting several things, on the one hand, the continuation of a very high musical tradition of American Oi! like Patriot and The Templars and the Traditionals to name a few, we see reflected in Aires and Graces. On the other hand, it is good to hear a group that falls within current bands as Alternate Action, Beltones, On File, etc. Evil Conduct. Music well-executed simplicity." -- Oi Bastards dot com - Oi! Bastards Blog


"Hope and Fortitude" CDEP. 6 tracks, Released by Dead End Social Club, Sept. 2008.

The track "Fencesitter" appears on the "Last Offense and Curbstomp Radio Presents..." free comp. available from Curbstomp Radio and Last Offense Records.

"What Happened to the Kids?" 7" Ep. 4 tracks, Released by Longshot Music, April 2009.

"What Happened to the Kids" 7" Ep. 4 tracks, Released by Ture Force Records (European release), April 2009.

The tracks "Damage Done" and "Sonic Reducer" appear on a split 7" with The Broadsiders. Released by Longshot Music, October 2009.

The track "What Happened to the Kids?" appears in the "Oi! The Print" vol. 2 sampler released with issue 29 of Oi! The Print

The band has streaming tracks on, myspace, and as well has recieved airplay from radio stations across the usa including KEXP



Since making their debut in 2008, Aires and Graces has played several regional shows, recorded a debut CD EP for Dead End Social Club, released a 7" EP on Longshot Music and True Force Records, released a split single with The Broadsiders on Longshot Music and appeared on several comps. The band, strongly influenced by early punk rock, oi! and most especially English "pub rock" has created a sound of their own that owes to their various tastes without sounding like a hodge podge creation. The second half of 2009 will see the band playing in every corner of the United States, releasing more records and playing with some of the largest names in the Oi!/Streetpunk scene. Tim, guitar, had previously played in several Northwest bands, most notably The Revlons and Los Muertos. Skinny, drums, was previously in several Northwest bands, including Vindication and MDK. Ryan has been in a number of bands including Vindication and Insubordinate. Ian has been in a number of bands including Insubordinate and Trainyard.