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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Airheart - The Gladstone Hote"

“Airheart - The Gladstone Hotel
Airheart is not a band to be taken lightly. As soon as they take the stage they will rip your bones out of your skin and make you dance. They are scene stealers. They make you pay attention. On the surface, they may seem like an average electro-pop duo, yet they have the sound of any five piece ensemble. This was the impression they left on the attendees of Ladyfest 2009 at the Gladstone Hotel November 25th.”

“Ladyfest featured a wide and eclectic selection of musical acts supporting the feminist movement. The night started off with hip-hop feminist rapper Shameless, and continued to the indie-folk finesse of Sarah Manuel. The crowd didn’t seem too engaged in the music until Airheart took the stage. By melding the melodic, soaring vocals of Stacy Be with the Deejay jump and jive of Mason Bach, Airheart have managed to corner in on a unique sort of sound that urges a crowd to get up and dance. Their performance was energetic, but not without its technical difficulties. At points throughout the set, Be demanded that the sound engineer should “TURN IT UP! TURN IT UP” when her microphone was not at an audible level. Technical difficulties aside, the crowd was enamoured with Be’s strong stage presence, and Bach’s ability to complement her voice in such an exact manner. Despite only playing together for a few months, they sound as tight as any mainstream band of the same vein. Airheart mix the best aspects of Crystal Castles and Portishead into a stimulating mix of sound and dance. This is a band to lose yourself in and embrace as you move in your own way. The beat will guide you and the melodies will urge you to stay.”

By: Meg Tinmouth Date: 25/11/09 : Electrik Press - By: Meg Tinmouth Date: 25/11/09 : Electrik Press

"Eye Weekly Best"

“Airheart @ The New High
Forging links between vocal jazz, early ’90s trip-hop, house and indie rock, local duo Airheart keep their influences well-balanced. Songwriter/vocalist Stacey Be and DJ/producer/ violinist Mason Bach started gigging regularly around town last year, and have impressed us with their hooky electronics and energetic live performances. Here, they bring their powerful quiet storm to the stage alongside fellow downtempo chameleons LAL.”

DB's Best Bets: Jan. 7-13: Eye Weekly Best - DB's Best Bets: Jan. 7-13:


Mr Lonely EP released in Fall of 2009, airplay on: CKLN, Indie-love, Brazil, UofT radio



Combining elements of Electro-Pop and Trip-Hop with vocals reminiscent of 1930s Dancehall, Airheart is a fresh take on jazzy Breakbeat, lo-fi Electronica that is presented with live vocals to soothe the heart and peppered with a touch of sonic dirt to make you move! Throwing everything into their production except the kitchen sink they drop a mix of circuit bent instruments, Bass-lines you can cut with a knife, over processed, mashed up drums, intertwined with live modulated violin and Turntablism fun. This duo, comprised of Stacey Be, songwriter and singer extraordinaire, and Mason Bach, music producer, violinist and DJ, bring the studio to the stage, for a live P.A. that will make you groove.