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Mermaid In A Manhole

Written By: Jeremy Wrenn

Now that you've seen you gotta have it
you wanna have it all
you take and you take and you give back nothing
you wanted a taste and now you love it
you wanna love it all
too much too soon and it's all over
who do you see when you're getting off?
one more step and you've got it
I wanna see you fall backwards forwards
go man go
it's easy how you lose control
you see you see are you getting me
say the right thing and I'm at your feet
upside down throw me around

Red Friends

Written By: Jeremy Wrenn

Sixteen young friends tying up loose ends
drawing a line in the snow
badges of red decorate them
one left standing on his own
running so fast
no way to outlast
the flying missiles made of snow
15 to 1, nowhere to run
ゆきぐに の いちばん スノーボーイ
covered in snow, nowhere to go
a battle he lost 25 to 1
frozen in place
a shrine of this place
ゆきぐに の いちばん スノーボーイ

You Kids Should Know Better

Written By: Jeremy Wrenn/Cory Osborne

don't do it baby,
fall out the door
i know the feeling
been there before
it gets inside you
won't let you go
don't fight the feeling
just let it flow
now i've been high a million times
i've been drunk a million more
percocets and vicodins
i've got scripts for a dozen more
i've numbed my pain with fine cocaine
but there's something i can't ignore
you gotta believe me when i tell you that you make me feel something i've never felt before

Seems so far to get to you, man
a thousand miles away
seems so far to get to you, man
a thousand miles away
I climbed so hard to get to you, man
a thousand miles away
I climbed so hard to get to you, girl
a thousand miles away
will the sun shine down upon us, baby
you fell so far that I couldn't reach you
I laughed so hard I died
you see? you're low.
you've seen much, too much, baby


Written By: Jeremy Wrenn

Blue is my favorite color
that's what you said
that's what you said
it's mine as well, there's no other
you live in words and in pictures
that you send to me
that's how I get to collect you
piece by piece
blue jets fly all around me
that will rescue me
that's how you get to collect me
piece by piece


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Set List

Swimming Trough Us
Kiss Me Sadly
The Big Mash-up
Thrown Idols
Mermaid In A Manhole
Red Friends
You Kids Should Know Better

Our sets range from 45 minutes to over and hour, usually. We have rock-out endings for a lot of our songs, so they vary.