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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Acadia Cafe"

"One of the finest performances we've had here all year!" - Venue

"Artist Quarters"

"A real joy to work with - we can't wait to have them back!" - Venue

"Ziggy's Community Festival"

"Air Museum was awesome! Despite our small crowd, everyone had a great time and truly enjoyed the music. The Beckoning is a great band and were very easy to work with. Thanks a bunch!"
- Festival

"Rob Schlette"

"It's as interesting as it is beautiful."...."The mixes compliment the unique sensitivity of the music." - Twin Cities Producer/Engineer

"Christopher Cunningham"

"Lilydale Road" floats in like an absinthe dream; full of odd angles, and suffused with an unresolved, subterranean sexuality. - Grammy Nominee


"...the production is raw, I like that; there's no need for songs like these to be produced to a glossy shine." - Freelance Journalist


Air Museum "The Maid's Room" EP recorded in NYC with Jack McKeever (An engineer for Rufus Wainwright).

Air Museum's full-length album is being produced by Jared Boria and Grammy-Nominated Chris Cunningham (Neverwas) of Ecstatomatic Productions.



Air Museum, the music collective led by Jared Boria, is rooted in the timeless verities of great songwriting. But by its formation via the Internet, it exemplifies today’s revolution in how music can be made and what is possible for the creation of music in the future. Air Museum’s new album, (yet to be titled), is both the vision of one man and the contributions and collaboration of friends and partners all over the country; recorded in physical isolation, but impossible without a community of people and support; recorded with the utmost technological innovations while creating an intimate relationship with its listener.

Jared Bruce Boria grew up in New York. The son of a pastor, his first exposure to music came through his father’s love of gospel and soul. “Soul was the first music I got into,” Jared remembers. By 7, he was singing hymns and beginning with piano, teaching himself how to play. At sixteen he was writing his own songs, because he didn’t want to learn other people’s songs ("I'd rather make something up on my own"), and by high school's end, he was playing guitar and firm in his decision to pursue music. Jared’s love of classic voices like Frank Sinatra and Marvin Gaye rooted him in a love of the beauty of the voice and of great arrangements while his love of modern artists like Bjork and Beck taught him the incredible possibilities of artistic change and evolution. Jeff Buckley’s voice ("I loved his passion," states Jared) became an inspiration and touchstone for Jared to fully express the depths of his own emotion.

Leaving home to attend school and study music in Minnesota, Jared started playing out and learned to love playing with others and collaborating. He recalls, "I really fell in love with passing a guitar in a circle with friends. That sort of interaction really helped me develop as a songwriter." And even though Jared quickly got into electronic based instrumentation, that informal spirit of collaboration stayed with him. Returning east, Jared began recording on his own in his apartment, while the rest of his building was being torn down around him. Then, recording in Portland, OR with his portable studio, he got together with his friend Noah Locke and while working together on what Jared had already done, Noah’s contributions created something new, and thus, Air Museum was born.

Inspired by his collaboration, Jared then called on friends from Minnesota to contribute. Jared explains the process: "I record something, and then I upload it to an FTP site. Whoever I'm working with adds a part of their own creation, and then they send it back to me via the FTP site. I've recorded everywhere and in every part of the country. I love this way of making music."

The result of Jared's work and collaboration is his debut album, a collection of songs that succeed because of their skill and intimacy. Listening to them, one can’t help but feel as though they’re in the same room as when the songs were recorded, a testament to Jared’s skill as a singer, arranger, producer and instrumentalist, especially given how the songs were actually recorded. There’s the playfulness of "Bucking Broncos On The Dance Floor," with its inventive and hooky percussion and the almost decadent, circus-like horns of “China Dolls,” which turn a stately song into something quite astoundingly inventive. Jared’s vocals are the true star of the album; by turns playful, intelligent and sensual, they convey the internal world of an artist with his own unique perspective on the world.

Air Museum's Debut Album will be released in the spring of 2008, and look for them to be on the road soon, onstage with the right people to make Air Museum come to live in front of an audience. Jared exclaims, "I want to travel around the world, singing my songs and inspiring people. I'm in service to my music; I feel like I've been given a gift and I have a responsibility to share it. I get so much joy from this – when I play in front of people - no matter how many - they will always be treated like they’re guests in my home." It’s that commitment to joy, shared experience and connection that makes Air Museum special – an artist that creates an intimate experience of the highest order.



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