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Airomee Wind

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | INDIE

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Adult Contemporary




"What promoters are saying about.."

"In listening to your song, I believe it has many possible opportunities in all commercial elements. I am sure you will be succesful in any way you approach your music."
--David Koons
- David Koons

"The world has the good fortune of Airomee Wind"

"Utah, the country and the world have the good fortune of knowing people like Airomee Wind"
Jedd Medefind
White House Operation - Jeff Medefind - White House - D.C.


Airomee Wind's current album. "The Meaning Of Love".

Walking In The Dark -

"More Than Just My Dreams".


The Meaning Of Love - Airomee Wind



Go The Distance - Michael Bolton cover song revised. ( To be recorded November 2010 at Spirit West Studios in Salt lake City.

Chords Of Jullious

I'm Coming Home

My Lone Melody
"Proud Of America" Music Video found under username "cimplexsounds" on youtube..

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"In listening to your song, I believe it has many possible opportunities in all commercial elements. I am sure you will be succesful in any way you approach your music."
--David Koons i Red Hot Chile Peppers--

"Utah, The country and the world have the good fortune of knowing artists like Airomee Wind"
Jedd Medefined
White House Operations

"A promoter as well as a world class artist. Prospective Grammy Nominee Airomee Wind's vast experience is reflected in his hard hitting tips to his artists. Artists will find, he's not afraid to let them know exactly where they need to improve, because one thing matters to him only, the truly successful career of every artist." As an artist he always wishes he had more resources, to do everything he'd like in music.
The Que 98.2 Online Radio

In the music of Airomee Wind the next Michael Bolton comes alive.

Ever since the age of 8, music is the only world, Airomee Wind has ever known.

For all who know his music, you could say that Prospective Grammy Nominee Airomee Wind (the next Michael Bolton) is not your average ordinary Pop singer/songwriter. He's been on a unique journey his whole life. The music speaks for itself. Promoters have included David Koons of the Red Hot Chile Peppers. Four and a half star review by world famous industry consultant Eugene Foley ( the artist manager for Bruce Springsteen). And now long life dedicated promoter Will Stenner of Dream Media Enterprise, who is personally associated with most of the members on the board of the Grammy Foundation.

Just like Michael Bolton, when it comes to Airomee Wind's music, he won't stop until he has attained the most professional sound possible according to industry standards. Often a critic of his own music, only the highest level of professional quality if acceptable.

His music has been heard on radio stations from San Diego to New York State University. Laser Dog Radio Hour, and now his own radio show "Airomee Wind Radio Show." on

His close association with Mike Friedman CEO of Skope Magazine has had it's benefits. Airomee Wind's strong Michael Bolton style is loved by fans and promoters everywhere. A singer who's love and passion for music is heard in his powerful singing voice.

His John Tesh style song "You Meaning Everything To Me", Made it to number 1 on the charts at Song Vault. FM. Known as the largest internet radio network in the world in January of 2008. Airomee Wind has enjoyed many of his songs, reaching the top 10 on the charts. Airomee Wind's music continues to receive favorable listenership on the radio network today.

Airomee Wind has sang publicly since age 8, and began his lifelong pursuit on the piano at age 14. Giving him a lot of years of knowing what being in front of the crowds are like. His music includes mostly his own original music Michael Bolton/John style ,and some Michael Bolton cover songs, since Airomee Wind is aiming to be the next generation Michael Bolton artist. Carrying that superstar tradition on.

In February of 2011, Airomee Wind recorded his single, "More Than Just My Dreams." at Spirit West Studios in Salt Lake City, Utah. A studio with a prominent history in the music business, music greats like Barry Manilow, Marie Osmund, David Cooke and Snoop Dogg have recorded here.

After 23 years of music experience, for Airomee Wind you can count on the fact, if it's not professional, it's not good enough. Airomee Wind can tell you. He's had to learn how things must be done the right way, in this dog eat dog business.

His "by ear" music skills are the key and power of his songwriting. Imagination, passion and feeling are the strength of a hit song. Songs must speak to the heart, or they are not true music.

Airomee Wind's music is regularly sought after by Skope Magazine's Skope Radio in Boston. So you might hear his songs on Skope Radio from time to time.

As stated above: In 2011 Airomee Wind and his band "Causeway", professionally record his song, "More Than Just My Dreams" at Spirit West Studios in Salt Lake City. Music legends such Barry Manilow, Marie Osmund and Snoop Dogg (wh