Airsling Son

Airsling Son


"There is a sound the forest makes right before it falls to shaddow. The time that vespers drift, hymns float entact, and melodies from long ago or in dream form hold as they pass through, on a veil of dust. I feel them, watch them come in and go out. I write them down." --Nathanael


Nathanael Brees is half of Airsling Son, the other part is felt and seen in dream. For three straight years the road has been a home of his, death among those closest to him, a goading or guiding force, with life beyond the bend an even greater impetus. Leaving home in 2003, San Diego was burning down in his rearview mirror, a clear sign that it was high time to get out, and equally a premonition and promise of the battles ahead, which must come before things beautiful can be birthed. Behind now was his home of ten years and base camp of many musical projects, including his own and more recent, The Strangers, which he laid aside for a collaboration with brother- in-law, Nate Ryan, in the music mecca of Austin, TX, which has become a major incubation spot for bands in the U.S. "They say it takes a year to really break into a city and make it a home", Nathanael says, "but when that year is up I like to move on instead. Strangers that could have been friends, become acquaintances and then I forget their names. Once they had voices and are now just markers somewhere out here on these divergent lanes, the important ones are songs." After doing some work on writing and recording for a year in Austin, he says, "I finally realized how fragile and substanceless was this vast scene of charlatans". Finally, It was, the moving on to Tennessee and into the hills just outside of Nashville that the skeleton of the past became the skeloton key of the present to unlock everything new. "It seems like song and beauty are in the atmosphere here", he says, " and all you have to do is hold a guitar and a pen or a butterfly net. I think I caught mostly fireflies and bats, with their coherence and constant, the night itself." Appropriately, it was during one of these Nashville nights that the name Airsling Son was born. Late one evening some Gailic words were scribbled down on a paper one way and remembered the next morning as something entirely different. The result, with some poetic license, translates to, "a dream of love", which, perhaps, is exactly the medium through which the name itself came.
Now, with a brand new body of work and an EP, recorded at a studio in Franklin, Tennessee, along with its single, "Whisper and a Dream", which will soon be aired on XM Radio as well as some college stations throughout the country, the community of Airsling Son is born and will be on tour at the beginng of 2007 in California.

"Already with thee! tender is the night...
...But here there is no light,
Save what from heaven is with the breezes blown
Through verdurous glooms and winding mossy ways."
--Ode To a Nightingale


Airsling Son has just released the first self titled EP from the woods outside Nashville, Tennessee with the single, "Whisper and a Dream" which will be playing on XM and collage radio. This disc can be purchased at CD

Set List

"Ghost in the Trees", "Daydream Days", "Black Evangeline", "Winding Ways", "Whisper and a Dream", "Sonet Song", "Love has wings", "Carrying the Search", "Fire in Marie"," Airsling Eyes", "Candy Cries", with sometimes the covers: "Night and Fog" by Mercury Rev, and "Winter Flower", by Mazzy Star.