Air Tight

Air Tight


Air Tight is Pop/Rock group with an eclectic sense of musical style. With a wide range of influences Air Tight has learned to obey the rules of conventional pop music, yet push the envelope.


Without any flashy and extraneous techniques, Air Tight uses the power of solid song structure and catchy melodies to display their musicianship, focusing on writing melodic, groove-based pop/rock.

In anticipation of their Spring 2006 EP, the band will be touring extensively on both the East (Spring '06) and West Coasts (Summer '06).

The band has been experiencing rapid growth in their fan base, along with the demand for press opportunities within their home-based market.

Air Tight have established themselves as a main contender in what is known as the Indie Music Scene.


The current single is "Better Off Alone," off their upcoming EP release.

The single is currently experiencing local college radio airplay, as well as streaming airplay on the internet on websites such as Myspace, Pure Volume, Tag World, and more.

Set List

The current set list is a collection of songs slated to be releases on their upcoming EP.
Set time is typically 30-90 minutes, with the ability to play longer.