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A goodbye.

Written By: Aishwarya Agnihotri

So, this is a goodbye to you.
My dear, an adieu
to your love, which was never really mine,
and to all the time, which was so not fine.

A lovely time I had.
A sardonic one, though.
And I'm thankful to you
as you spared time for me
whenever I needed you.

I guess, I expected a little too much.
The things I felt, you never felt the same, my love.
So, the expectations, rather dumb ones,
you've all let it down.
Now, with a throb in my heart,
I am writing this song.

I remember the night you broke my heart.
About that girl, you talked to me,
excited and loud.
And I pretended to be happy for you,
keeping my heart in a small box.
So much invisible to you?

With the days passing by,
I'm waking up from my dreams.
My eyes want to close,
and see a glimpse of you and me.

But, I won't close them now.
I've got to let it be open, somehow,
to see what's coming in the way,
and to see my dreams falling in one piece,
and crashing away.

So, life isn't a miracle.
it isn't a fairytale, either.
And, the fairies won't dress me,
and escort me to the dance of the eve.

There won't be any charming prince waiting up for me.
There won't be any white horse on which I would ride with thee.
There won't be any missing shoe, when I'll run away from you.
No clue, no mark,
no sign of me.
Will be left,
no way for you to catch me.

Now, it's a goodbye to you.
My dear an adieu
to all all my dreams, I had for you,
and to the carriage in which you'd ride me down,
to a place so safe,
under the moonlight,
where except for you, everything would appear just fake.

I wish it was all real and true,
but I wish that the sun's drop would drizzle on my face,
and wake me up from the far off land,
that I, by mistake, went to.

The pieces of dreams,
that I pictured of me and you,
I hope it won't come back
if I'll close my eyes once more.

So, now I'm scared of being slept again,
of being in that place again,
of seeing you with the girl, you talked about,
riding that white horse on hill's top.
The stars above you,
on which I painted, the names of me and you,
now is all worthless
as the princess with gown is someone else,
and unfortunately, the prince is still you.

So, this is a goodbye to you.
My dear, an adieu
to the person whom I can say goodbye and never forget,
and accept the fact that everything which starts,
has it's destined end.

But, if someone asks you
about me and you,
I know you would flashback in time
for a second or two,
and then without wasting any more time
you would surely say,
"I'm sorry, who?"