Los Angeles, California, USA

Our music is at the forefront of the music industry. With pop music being saturated more day by day, our music delivers a unique, fresh breath of air for those looking for something new, yet still commercial. Combining brilliant pop melodies with catchy guitar hooks, our songs make you DANCE.


Shimmering melodies, powerhouse guitar hooks and savvy song craft: Aitan is an emerging act from Hollywood, CA that distills a spectrum of influences – from new wave eighties icons to modern pop artists – into a fresh, pop-savvy sound guaranteed to pack the dance floor.

Aitan’s vocal producer Ron Anderson (Usher, Lenny Kravitz, Kelly Clarkson), characterizes the strength of the lyrics and melodies created by the duo’s namesake. "Aitan is a phenomenal songwriter,” he notes, “definitely look out for him.” Image, artistry, and vision: Aitan has arrived.


Rock Baby Red

Written By: Aitan

I wanna dance with you night and day,
yo I promise you I promise you babe,
I wanna see you get crazay,
I need to see you get craazaaaaay.

common Baby let's get buck wild.
I'll do anything to make you smile,


Do you understand what I say,
Rock from the beat, strung straight from the day

Bounce for the night,
We get down,

Hands that graced across her,
knew with all emotion,
the war was almost half won,
that's when I said,

Rock Baby Rock Baby Red.

Now I got you in my sights,
Throw your hands up to the sky,
It's a ticket you just can't buy,
I got you lifted enjoy the flight,

I know your lovin,
everything that that I'm saying,
You want to make me your night and AM,
It's a wish baby that you keep on making,
You need it you got it, (x2)

Bounce for the night we get down,

The light that cast upon you,
Stole the the scene continue,
We felt above the venue,
That's when you said.

Rock Baby Rock Baby Red.

Wont you just live life,
In the morning we will Rise,
In the sun we all will rise-What I say?!

Rock baby Red


Top Of The World
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Rock Baby Red
All Over You

Set List

1. Top Of The World
2. Rock Baby Red
3. Nothing Without You
4. Danielle
5. Tree Of Life
6. All Over You