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"Gig at The Barn, Portmsouth"

had the great privilege of attending a beautiful Aitch performance at the Barn on 2nd April, and would like to share with you some of my thoughts of this very special talent. She has been gigging for a relatively short period, but her charisma and on-stage presence belies this completely, with a style and manner that demands attention. Her lyrics capture so many differing feelings, partly due to her ability to empathise with so many situations involving the friends around her, as well as being able to delve deep into her own experiences to expose a very personal part of her psyche. Such barren nakedness with her feelings is definitely one of Aitch’s most appealing qualities as the audience can unashamedly identify with her and be carried away in the current of emotion that gushes out of her. In a world that contains so much falseness and façade, this openness is so refreshing and greatly appreciated.

With regards to the music that provides the vehicle to her lyrics, there is a great deal of variety that comes from a very deep knowledge of music styles and genres, and a constant shift in rhythm, tempo and octave creates an amazing kaleidoscopic experience. Sometimes these shifts will take place within the same song, surprising the listener as they are taken down a different musical route…but while the journeys may be different, the destination is always one of serenity and honesty. Vocally, Aitch’s delicate tones match perfectly with the lyrical sentiments, but never falter into weakness. Each carefully constructed line is delivered with conviction and sincerity to ensure the trip through her mind and imagination is as vivid as the colour of her red hair.

The performance on 2nd April also included some other performers for certain songs. I learned that in addition to his amazing guitar, bass and singing skills, Ash Cutler (from Doubleback Alley and The Elizans) can also play excellent piano. And Aitch was quite happy to invite others from the audience onto the stage for other accompaniment such as drums and even a triangle. This great willingness to share the music with others was a wonderful gesture and demonstrated further Aitch’s generous personality.

Aitch’s final song of the night was a waltz, a perfect ending to a great performance in which the audience were taken by the hand and led on a beautiful dance through emotions, imaginations, difficult situations and amorous manifestations. Check Aitch out at ....
- Jeff Radford


EP just being finished followed by an album...



A classical guitarist many moons ago...I picked up the guitar again after 20 years away and just started writing songs (alot!) and performing in 2008. Its been an amazing experience. I play and write just as it comes but have a love of lyrics that . Writing is a passion - 64 songs in 16 months. Vocally delicate, raw, loud... it just is what it is! Played over 60 gigs across the UK and abroad, from intimate audiences to festivals, supporting some great artists. I love every moment of it! Apparently Im like Kate Rusby, Tori Amos, Nancy Griffiths, Sheryl Crow, Kate Nash.... ??