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Aiwal in a nutshell is "Uncensored Purity" A honest, genuine, and authentic way or attempt of living. i label myself the Romare Bearden of hip hop. I can paint a vivid picture to a blind man. Just close your eyes, listen, and migrate on this journey with me!


He has set his soul free from the incarceration of the norm today; captivating and stimulating the souls of many through his artistic masterpieces and intimate performances. Who is this cat? This Alabama native, residing in the Ben Hill community of Atlanta welcomes the world to the life of A.I.W.A.L "Country Boy". Witnessing the spirit of his grandfather's gospel hymns, A.I.W.A.L. captured the passion of not only creating music, but expressing it in a way everyday people can feel and attest to it. A.I.W.A.L. himself will ask you to close your eyes and listen as the music paints a vivid picture. He likes to label himself the "Romare Bearden” of hip hop. With musical influences such as OutKast,
Geto Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, B.B. King, and Frankie Beverly, he fuses a blend of highly respected art forms into what is best defined as "uncensored purity". Having close ties throughout Alabama, Georgia, California, and beyond, A.I.W.A.L. is here to present to the world his upcoming album "The Way, The Truth, The Light". His first two singles "Do You" and "Hard Time Alabama" are currently circulating throughout the southeast and Midwest, and West Coast; now making its way up the eastern shore


Hard Time Alabama

Written By: Brian Hughes/Aiwal

Verse1: I take a look in my Grandmama face/And i see years upon years in this fucked up place/Man im a tell you bout this bitch/ but non the least/She possess beauty and is ugly located southeast/Youll find her west of G-A/East of Mississippi/Youll find her north of Florida/South of Tennessee/Her eyes stay open through the calm and the hardships/A witness to pleasant times and all that hard shit/Everybody and they mama got some drama and that shit hurts/from BLOODY SUNDAY to the bombimg of my damn church/Vivid portraits of my people they gaining no respect/My state full of crooked cops and dirty rednecks/See round these parts/ boys are raised strictly to be men/The only problem is we overpopulate the pen/Forgive dont forget the struggle that we still carry/One thing ive learned is that pain is so temporary/And even though we lost vision over through these years/Madea's eyes still resemble blood sweat and tears/And even though we came up over through the years/Madea's eyes still resemble blood sweat and tears/Hard time
(Hook): Hard Time/Its on that borderline of hard time/Hard Time/Thats why we barely be praying and giving God time(repeat)

(Verse2): I raise my glass you raise your glass/For my folks lets have a toast/Its hard time on this muthafuckin third coast/Unheard souls marinated/These grounds be sacred/Exemplifying the hate that hate created/I mean i know this aint Miami but these niggas got heat/Got the doctor asking your mama/To have a seat/They call this bitch the heart of dixie/And thats non-fiction/But let me mention its the heart of dick head politicians/Offspring dummied up/No investment in hope/All these kids see this education shit as a joke/Aint that much of a difference from back in the days/The only thing different is the damn times done changed/From modern day slavery just to modern day bullshit/Where pimps and hypocrites steady reside in the pulpit/The murder the dope/The rape the lynching/The one way ticket to the state of collision/The hoping the praying/The guessing the wishing/The state full of dreams with no Gyat-Damn Vision/Hard time

(Verse3): My state flag white/with a red X/And they shipping niggas off first class Fed-Ex/I dont come from a state with a known name/But i come from where them locals act a fool man/Busting slugs at a party youngin get shot/I come from Alabama and im living hip hop/So how dare these niggas talk about she's now dead/She right here and she steady keep my mouth fed/Love everything bout her/Now she brought her ass home/Almighty flamed up like a blackstone/They say they trapping or they busting is what they telling me/But my lyrics be so gangsta to this melody/I keep it moving/ fuck lying bout my lifestyle/All the gangstas i know gangstas in the meanwhile /I keep it moving fuck lying bout my lifestyle/All the gangstas i know gangstas in the meanwhile!!!



(Verse1): They swept us under a rug/With alcohol and drugs/You see the problem gets bigger/But they dont care bout us niggaz/Considered less than a man/Cause of my natural tan/But im made in his image/Straight from that nile Ive descended/Ive been lost every second out my twenty plus living/Aint got no definite way of how im gone raise my children/Im just a product of the 48 connected states/Where religion aint the shit that people got on they plate/Full of envy and hate reside deep in my nation/Fuck a security number/Need true identification/Im in the land of cutthroats/pimps and scapegoats/Politicians and leaders who really dont care for/People of my descent/Scenery does present/Scarred individuals these lyrics are heavent sent

(Hook): All i know/is we fa sho/Aint no punk up in my blood/Or in my soul/When you look in my eyes/You see the soul of a warrior/The hate you gave left infants fucked/A cultureless culture

(Verse2): Born out of corruption and murder and muthafukin misery/Pimping and hoing/Capitalistic luxuries/They diagnosed me as a menace/Cause my point of view/Consist of hard times and twisted up hairdos/Therefore they dope me up by the age of only three/They say im too hyperactive in my community/My mama told me integrations one of the worst things/That ever happened to the spirits of us blacks man/See im awake; i done took that button off of snooze/See my ways dont coincide with them cracker rules/I set my soul free/AIWAL til i rest/No this aint Johnny but i call my tribe a fucking quest/So why we going through life trying to satisfy others/True happiness aint achieved/Until we dead and covered
(Poem):Im from a culture thats been stripped/Chained up and whipped/But in the batter of God's blood my soul has been dipped/Cause see im made in his image/From the nile ive descended/The blood sweat and tears my elders have unwillingly given/Cause see pain is temporary/My folks were visionaries/Now understanding im hated because of the weight that my soul carries/From the history of the past to the misery of the present/Enslaved in a rage engaged as meager peasants/You see im labeled a statistic/Yet upon another list/You ask me what i see/I tell you what exists/Homies transporting getting caught out on the spread/Niggas up in hotels furnished by the feds/Counterfeit niggas with they soul to sell/Too many real soldiers 6 ft. with stories to tell/Alot of young people of my skin tone/They fertilize the ground/ 3 hundred and 60 degrees/You know it all goes round/From pushing weight upon the corner/To lifting weights upon the yard/Now we lifting dead weight to send his ass off to God/No matter where you at/No matter where you from/Sam Cook-ed me up a story/Said a change gone come/But true happiness aint here/So where is it discoverd/In my opinion its not achieved until we dead and covered/God Bless


Singles out are "Hard Time Alabama" accompanied by the club B-Side "Do You". Song entitled "Inspiration" has received airplay throughout the nation.

Set List

I usually do a 20 to 30 min. set. I usually perform 1)The Life & Times Of..., 2)Do You, 3)Hard Time Alabama, 4)A Cultureless Culture, 5)Aint No Sunshine, 6)The Way The Tuth The Light