Adela & Jude

Adela & Jude


Adela & Jude evoke the essence of the great country couples of the past: Johnny and June, George and Tammy, Graham and Emmylou. Adela’s sweet disposition belies her deft piano and accordion skills. Gifted with perfect pitch, her feet ever stompin’ and pumpin’ on a portable 1920’s field organ, Adela often pounds a floor tom, runs a melody over the keys and belts out a revivalist hymn simultaneously. Jude is a human rhythm machine with a signature style all his own, stomping timeline on antique ba


An amazing combination of enthusiastic performance and superbly crafted songs, the brilliant interaction between Adela & Jude make for a truly enjoyable show. Adela & Jude exude a chemistry that shines through in their vocal and stage performance. Winners of the IMFaward from the Legendary Club Passim in Cambridge, the duo brings to life the familiar and forgotten musical giants that cast long shadows over American music.

Jude’s furious playing style makes you think the strings are going to snap off the guitar - a style that is all his own as he accompanies himself on drums played with his feet. Not to be outdone, Adela answers back, pounding with one hand on a floor tom, and one hand on the old pump organ as she propels the audience into a fever as the duo breathes fire down into each and every song they perform.


We have nothing recorded just yet, but please check back, we are working on our very first E.P.!

Set List

High Granite Plains
I Don't Know
Shallow Grave
I'm On My Way
Sinner Girl