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""Awesome Ajae""

Ajae is the pure essence of what R&B has moved away from. In her music, she exemplifies the true definition of a classic artist. - AMR Newsletter


Ajae (2008)
Can't Get Over U is Currently playing in regular rotation on ATLanta Movement Radio



Ajae, The Essence of Excellence

Ajae: An amazing songstress, songwriter, and as of late, she has shown great promise as a producer. Ajae’s love for music dates back to her Apostolic church upbringing. During Ajae’s youth, her mother played an integral role in shaping her daughter’s music career; she enrolled her in the church youth choir. Ajae’s mother recognized the musical prowess that rested within her daughter. Soon after, this single parent began developing a young Ajae’s voice by carefully mentoring her through practices with the choir.
The songstress remembers growing up in an environment fully submerged with music. For example, Ajae’s aunt was always around her singing songs by the ever popular Chaka Khan; because of that, Ajae’s music is somewhat inspired by this famous singer. Her aunt would also be seen performing on the local circuit. Not to mention, this phenomenal artist’s grandmother and great-aunt were well known throughout the church populace for playing in the church.
If you were to ask Ajae about her musical training, she would probably express to you the many years of formal tutelage. Her abilities were greatly enhanced by the piano lessons she learned at age 7. She continued her training on different instruments such as the violin, the viola, and the cello. As her abilities increased, Ajae would soon move into the school chorus. It was then she would learn to really capture the moment with her voice.
Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Chaka Khan, Anita Baker, Sade, and Teena Marie: these R&B singing monuments were some of Ajae’s greatest influences when she was perfecting her signature sound. After high school, Ajae was compelled to begin her music career full steam. She began touring with a band named ‘Midnight Blue’. It was later that Ajae was priviledged to gain some knowledge on stage performance and how to act on the stage by a former band member of Midnight Blue. Ajae was satisfied for a short while; but the desire to grow wasn’t. It was at this particular juncture in her career that she used her knowledge and skills to create her own music; this was destiny. Ajae soon realized her music was pleasing to others and it was also marketable, very marketable. In the grand scheme of things, Ajae’s purpose is to please the masses with her beautiful R&B. Her life’s objective is to rejuvenate this genre and detour it from an untimely death by samples and loops. The life-sustaining heartbeat of Rhythm & Blues rest within the chords and melodies. Ajae IS the re-birth of old school R&B.