Ajay Mathur - Act of Choice

Ajay Mathur - Act of Choice


When you listen, you wonder. When you listen, you feel. Sometimes upbeat, sometimes mellow, genuinely excellent guitar and a voice that will make you want more.


The artist - Ajay grew up in New Dehli India and has spent his adult life in Switzerland. A man who has seen both sides of the tracks. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 15 and hasn't put it down since. He grew up listening to Hendrix, The Beatles, The Doors and is influenced by all of the great musicians and guitarists of history. He enjoyed earlier European chart success with his band Mainstreet. His music is inspired by the experiences in his own life and the lives of the people closest to him. He is a brilliant singer/songwriter who understands people. Ajay has a voice that makes you wish you could sing! Act of Choice is a commitment to using time to play with your passion. It is the artist's commitment to music and expressing the things that are closest to the heart.

The music - clean, crisp vocals, guitar that makes you stand up and say YES!


Currently unreleased