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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"Xavier & Bank$y"

The Internet and social media in particular are flooded with rising artists trying to break into the market and establish a fan base. Some choose to spam established artists and executives in hopes of being "discovered" while others concentrate on the work and know that the fan base, admiration, and praise will come as long as they create quality records. Those who are great don't have to find, they will be found. Xavier and Bank$y realize this.
Both Xavier and Bank$y are currently studying at one of the top engineering schools in the world and simultaneously making a name for themselves in the rap world. They met freshman year and instantly clicked. Just recently their track A Sinner's Diary Remix amassed them a feature on Hot New Hip Hop as a Heatseekers. Xavier says the inspiration of the track came from "exactly how I was feeling at the time I wrote it. I saw myself really engaging in a lot of sin and me wanting to cleanse myself to innocence. I tend to use music as my diary or journal so the name really came from me (a sinner) writing about who I was at the time". Many rappers choose to have a stage name while Xavier goes by his government name he explains, I do music for me and no one else so my craft tends to represent who I am. That's the exact reason why my rap name is my government name. I want to reflect on who I am, who I have become, and where I want to go. If people like my music then it lets me know that I'm not the only one going through the things I talk about".
Although they often collaborate, they are not a group. They each are members of The Round Table. Things will be changing for the two rapidly as they are the opening act for the fall concert at Georgia Tech, a long way from playing open mic events on campus. Nothing has been overnight for them; their success has been gradual due to dedication and persistence which their respective and exhaustive discography represent. Bank$y 's work include singles off the BurbLife EPs, Great Expectations (2013) Darkest America (2013) and then his first solo project Redemption (2014). Bank$y describes the experience of creating Redemption "I came up with the theme, did all the planning, selected all the beats, and tried my best to structure it based on the little musical knowledge that I possess. It was really a lot of trial and error. I just talked about my musical aspirations, being fed up with the industry, my spiritual walk, relations with women, school, etc. all in the context of Redemption". Xavier recently released the EP, Prologue (2014).
They haven't allowed their lack of traditional studio spaces to inhibit what they accomplish. The majority of their records are all recorded in apartments and dorm rooms but you would never know because you are so captivated by what you are listening to. These two are something special. - Cai Thomas (R.LEGACY: THE TECHNOLOGY ISSUE)

"AJ Bank$y - Redemption [New Song]"

Check out AJ Bank$y's new track, "Redemption".
AJ Bank$y is somehow the first rapper to sample Lana Del Rey's "Video Games", and the pitched up sample works as a perfect contrast to his southern trap style. Pitching up the vocals, backpack Kanye-style, Bank$y uses the strings for the backdrop on the verses and has the haunting refrain come in for the hook.

"Redemption" has placed the rapper among this week's final four Heatseekers. - Patrick Lyons (HotNewHipHop)

"Bank$y – 12"

The newest single “12” by AJ Bank$y is from the Florida native who touches on important sociopolitical issues and expresses the frustrations of being a young black male in America, making reference to the death of Tamir Rice who was murdered by Cleveland police at the young age of 12. This is a song an a rapper we can get behind. Black youth and culture has been targeted for too long. We hope through the art of music it will inspire change and a dialog. This song does just that.
AJ Bank$y has a one of a kind voice and with his detailed and intricate rap lyrics he paints a picture of the deep pain and suffering that is going on today. Rapper Bank$y is from Palm Bay, Florida, and is a small town spitter with a big vision. The twenty-one-year old currently attends Georgia Tech where he’s constantly being forced to juggle recording new tracks and finishing homework.
In a genre polluted with copycats and pretentious “rich” lyricists, Bank$y exposes the hypocrisy within the current generation of rappers and goes deeper into the fine dynamics of our humanity. Straight to the core and forges words that only and educated wordsmith can provide. Similar to the 90’s backpack rappers of the past, trying to make a culture more aware. Beyond the surface and commercialism. Bank$y resonates and delivers a message of hope, individuality and faith. This IS NOT a 21 year old kid solely preoccupied with drugs, partying, or one night stands. This is what the future of Hip-Hop holds. A consciousness of a society in need of the truth and some real talk. We love this artist and we will be sure to keep you posted on future releases. Until then support via the links below. - Mike Woodward (TILT Magazine)

"The Rise of Bank$y"

It's 11:48 p.m. ET on a mundane Thursday night. While these are certainly active hours for most college students, these are "working hours" for a young black Georgia Tech student fondly referred to as AJ Bank$y by his fans. He doesn't really consider himself a rapper per se, more of a lyrical activist hoping to infiltrate the earbuds of the masses with a message of hope and prosperity. Whether preparing to pen a new rhyme or reviewing for a test the next morning, this talented lyricist basks in the stillness of these witching hours. He is alert, focused, and exact. His mind and mouth in concert as he amicably chats about life, music, and the future. Go into the mind of BurbLife's own up-and-coming star.

How would you describe your personality?
I would say, ummmm, probably like an outgoing introvert, if that makes sense. Meaning that often times I don't want to deal with people. I'd rather be solitary. I do find that I often put up social barriers especially when I'm focused on a project. I'll avoid calls, ignore texts, etc. I'm very much in my own element most of the time. As far as being outgoing, I can be very charming. I find that people easily relate to me; but I'm all about building relationships and establishing a rapport with those in my circle.

How does your personality translate into your music?
I feel that I have a distinct sound that isn't influenced by anyone else but me. I think that I tend to be very thoughtful and very conscious in my music which stems from a lot of internal dialogues. Being an introvert, I tend to be in my own head a lot. I'm an overthinker. So when you listen to my music you're analyzing a cross-section of my brain that is saturated with deep thoughts about the world at-large.

Speaking of the world at-large, what are your views on the current state of rap?
Honestly, I think the focus is off. I don't think that rap has hit rock bottom or that we need to revert to the rap of the 1990s. There is a lot of quality hip hop music that is coming out in this era, but I think collectively our focus is off. There's still a schism between mainstream appeal and underground authenticity within the genre. I feel that hip hop fans can enjoy mainstream "feel good" joints and still support socially and morally conscious rappers as well. However, it seems that a lot of quality hip hop is being overlooked due to this infatuation with superficial lyricism which is reinforced by mainstream media. As listeners, we must redefine our standards.

How would you classify your music?
Truth. You're always going to hear truth when you listen to my music. I never want to box myself in by subscribing to labels or subgenres. The truth doesn't change, I simply find creative ways to portray it. If I spit the truth over a trap beat, it's still going to be the truth. If I opt for a soulful jazz-infused instrumental, the truth will still be the truth.

How did you conclude your truth? What and/or who shaped your message?
Honestly, the Bible. Most of the time, you'll hear a lot of Biblical allusions in my lyrics and sometimes that's just natural. The Bible is the sole source of universal truth and many of the current events that we are seeing were prophesied in the Bible. There are so many parallels in the Scriptures that I often feel that I'm just providing social commentary on current event and pairing them with Biblical foreshadowing.

Why did you choose rap as your medium of art?
It came naturally. I've always been a fan of the genre. Initially, the allure of being a famous hip hop entertainer fueled my fascination with hip hop and initiated my involvement, but as time progressed my message evolved and matured. And my message is still evolving. Rapping is such an adrenaline rush for me as well. I just get in my zone and channel my creativity within this medium.

What do you hope to accomplish through your music?
Selfishly, I'd like liberation from my current circumstance through my music. I don't want to have to worry about the day-to-day woes like paying the rent. Ideally, I'd like my music to support me so I can fully immerse myself into my craft without being distractions. Alternately, I really hope my music inspires people and I want them to be inspired by the truth. I think there's a lot of people that are hurting and seeking the truth. Music is an excellent platform for communicating with people and there are so many individuals seeking answers and I believe that I have some answers, I just need more people to listen. - @Young_Righteous (BurbLife)

"AJ Bank$y - The Shot"

"The Shot, so you know I got to take it, and tell that young black boy that he gone make it."

From South Florida, relocated to Atlanta, Georgia for school, and a member of The Round Table music collective. AJ Bank$y, best known as Bank$y, derived from the well known street artist by the same name. I was going to wait until a new song was released, but this art needs to be heard. One of my favorite things about Bank$y is the fact that he brings meaning to his songs. There is a lot of negativity going around in the world, more specifically this country, and many artists, mainstream or underground, are failing to address these issues for sake of attention. AJ Bank$y is not that type of artist.

In my opinion, Bank$y is intentional with his songs and is not trying to just be different. He sees how music is and it delivers the same negative vibe or promotes it and talks down rather than the good ol' uplifting, make-a-change type of rap. Without uttering a single curse, Bank$y's music is approved for the general audience, and recommended for the general audience. I can't consider him a rap artist or musician anymore. He's a social commentator who just so happens to rhyme with a nice beat behind him, as shown in his most recently released track "The Shot."

Produced by JUX, AJ Bank$y delivers a tough track to comprehend if you're not trying to listen. Taking a strong jab at the recent issues regarding people of color, and also his aspirations to make it big. A real motivational track in my eyes, and truthfully I can't stop listening to it.

From the perspective of the little boy with the red cap, Bank$y tells us that we all are the little boy with the red cap, just as he is.

With impeccable production from JUX, who Bank$y uses often, most notably in his "Ode to Tamir Rice" Bank$y uses JUX's "Legend" flip to his advantage with extra production from superHero, we are given a great track that definitely needs to be heard. Check it out below - Tylor (Dead, Inc.)


Still working on that hot first release.



Standing a mere five feet, nine inches, the Florida-borne transplant currently living in Atlanta, doesn't really stick out of a crowd, yet this self-proclaimed street prophet is desperately trying to inspire and save a soul-less generation through the platform of hip-hop; so he wears his calling like a scarlet letter.

The Georgia Tech undergraduate, whose friends are more apt to use his rap pseudonym, AJ Bank$y, which was pilfered from his favorite graffiti artist who is just as famous for his anonymity as his art, has made major strides in his personal and musical development and it’s clear his story is just beginning. The young emcee, whose real name is Aaron Jordan, is well adjusted, intelligent, and passively charming. In fact, on the surface his personal life doesn't echo the ominous vibes often heard within his lyrics. He hasn’t been marred by a troubled childhood, abusive parents or belittled by poverty. So upon listening to his music it’s puzzling to understand where the source of his lyrical well resides? In short, why is a kid who is fortunate enough and smart enough to attend a top U.S. university wasting his time rapping about societal issues, when in the current musical climate, defending that platform is akin to a handful of Spartans attempting to vanquish the whole of Persia.

Bank$y’s lyricism is obsessed with four key themes: his own sanity, his destiny, the plight of Black America, and salvation. His earliest works, while amateurish in sound had a unique depth that was impressive for a young eighteen-year-old. These early sounds were chronicled on several collaborations with his hometown affiliates, BurbLife Crew, a collective of local friends and family whose rapping hobby served as kindling for the musical inferno for that now blazes within Banksy’s chest.

While his latest works are evidence of his maturation, it’s a long journey to the top of the mountain and Bank$y will be the first to admit he’s a long way from the pinnacle. His first solo project Redemption, which debuted in July 2014, was a good offering but was met with mixed results among his budding fan base. His Atlanta-based cohorts known as the, The Round Table, have largely influenced his current musical phase and have afforded the aspiring artist better production, reliable features, and lots of constructive criticism. Such criticism that was generously levied against his first project; whether it was beat selection, ill-fitting features, or a couple ill-advised songs, Redemption wasn't exactly a homerun, but Bank$y stays true to his gospel even if the delivery is still being honed.

He is now set to expand his discography with a new project, which he’s currently working on. The central themes of his latest project will remain consistent with the same themes that have fueled his level of lyricism from passionate to manic. To talk to him now, it’s clear he has become a man tilted on perfection. Insatiable and unable to rest on laurels of any kind till he somehow is able to effectively indoctrinate the masses with what it is that boils inside him. He’s ravaged by his shortcomings yet somehow finds a melody within them. His transparency makes him tangible yet his abstinence from the popular isolates him. Perhaps he is a prophet, like Isaiah or Jeremiah of old who resided in obscurity but whose words moved the very fingers of God. Or perhaps his destiny is that of Dr. King or Mandela, prophets who mobilized an entire generation. Whatever the destiny is, Bank$y is clearly not running from his calling and he’ll be damned if you ignore him any longer. 

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