AJ Butler

AJ Butler

BandRockHip Hop

Front man for the band stem. AJ’s acoustic Guitar is reminiscent of Alice in Chains, toots and the maytals, John Lee Hooker, and Sound garden. With a voice of what Rock and Roll should sound like. highly improvisational jams infused with hip hop.


Growing up in new jersey, aj spent the early years playing guitar instead of making freinds. similar to Monks 6 year suclusion Aj is now just recently making a move into the public eye. his move to Boston and start up with the band stem is his main focus. but his solo stuff is a derivitive of the fact that the man can't stop making music.
with over a thousand cds worth of note booked material, he has a constant supply of music and inspiration.


Home Grown Classics-STEM
Ear to the Door Vol 1 - Stem. EP

Set List

Dig my own Grave
Ups and Downs
Can't you see (marshall Tucker)
Lord Don't Givith
House of Wax
Keep it on